Honoring Customer Stories that Make Sensing Matter

Entry Closed: September 15, 2024

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Make Your Mark: impact awards 2024 1st Milesight Impact Awards!

The Milesight Impact Awards recognize impactful customer stories and celebrate the remarkable achievements of Milesight's
partners dedicated to various verticals. These outstanding cases drive sensing intelligence, embody a cooperative spirit, and
unlock significant potential. It's an opportunity for Milesight partners to showcase their expertise and commitment to making a
lasting impact for a more connected, efficient, and sustainable world.

Winners will be announced at the virtual Milesight Impact Awards ceremony in October 2024. Stay tuned!

Awards Categories & Prizes

Submit cases showcasing how you incorporated Milesight products and technologies into successful solutions & stand a chance to
win the grand prizes!

impact awards 2024 golden medal
impact awards 2024 prizes impact awards 2024 ribbons

Impact Awards impact awards 2024 x6

3 best IoT cases and 3 best Video Security cases will be selected as Impact Awards winners, with a choice of prize from available options, plus a winner package.

impact awards 2024 silver medal
impact awards 2024 airpods

Honorable Mentions impact awards 2024 green x6

The cases selected as award finalists but have not emerged victorious in the Impact Awards will be honored with the Honorable Mentions prize.

impact awards 2024 coupon icon Participation Prize

This is a token of appreciation for anyone who
shares a valid case with us.

impact awards 2024 coupon
impact awards 2024 enter now tag
impact awards 2024 winner package

More Winner Package Galore!

  • impact awards 2024 check icon One exclusive and personalized trophy
  • impact awards 2024 check icon One exclusive award certificate (digital copy & in print)
  • impact awards 2024 check icon One specially crafted case study included in our website's Hall of Fame section
  • impact awards 2024 check icon Exposure in the Milesight Impact Awards virtual ceremony
  • impact awards 2024 check icon Exposure across all Milesight channels (Newsletter, Social, Website)

Awards Timeline

impact awards 2024 may 15 icon

May 15

Case Submissions Open

impact awards 2024 sep 15 icon

September 15

Case Submissions Close

impact awards 2024 sep 16 icon

September 16-29

Review & Judge Begins

impact awards 2024 sep 30 icon

September 30

Finalists Showcased

impact awards 2024 crown icon impact awards 2024 oct icon


Winner Announced &
Award Ceremony

FAQs About the Milesight Impact Awards 2024

What are the Milesight Impact Awards?

This is the first Milesight Impact Awards, marking a significant milestone in our journey to recognize and celebrate the most impactful solutions and services delivered by leveraging Milesight products and technologies.

Who can enter?

The Milesight Impact Awards are open to global Milesight partners who successfully address customer needs by delivering Milesight products as a solution.

What are the two awards categories?

Winners are selected in two separate categories: the IoT Cases Category and the Video Security Cases Category.

The IoT Cases Category acknowledges the leading-edge applications of Milesight IoT products/technologies that enhance efficiency, enable remote monitoring, optimize resource usage, and drive new possibilities in various sectors.

The Video Security Cases Category acknowledges the effective and innovative integrations of Milesight video surveillance products with various technologies, including advanced video analytics, high-resolution imaging, AI-driven surveillance systems, and more to ensure safety and efficiency.

When can I claim my prize?

Once you receive the Valid Case Confirmation Email, you are eligible to claim your participation prize by contacting your account manager or emailing us at marketing@milesight.com.

Term of claim: Valid until December 31, 2024, 23:59:59 GMT
Term of use: Valid until June 30, 2025, 23:59:59 GMT

Once we conclude the awards ceremony in October 2024, we will contact the six Impact Awards winners and the six Honorable Mentions as soon as possible.

How do I enter?

To submit an IoT case, click HERE. For Video Security cases, click HERE. Alternatively, download the Excel file, complete it, and email it to marketing@milesight.com.

There is no limit on the number of cases you submit or the number of categories you can enter. For every qualified case submitted, you will receive one participation prize.

Winning Tips: Supporting imagery or video files are strongly encouraged. Enter more cases to increase your chances of winning!

When will the finalists and winners be announced?

A shortlist of 12 finalists will be announced on September 30, 2024, through Milesight's social media platforms. Follow us to stay up-to-date on the latest news.

Next, three best IoT cases and three best video security cases will be carefully selected from the finalists and revealed at the Milesight Impact Awards Virtual Ceremony in October 2024, where your accomplishments take center stage.

When are the key time milestones?

The submission period is now OPEN and entries should be submitted by Sunday, Sep 15th, 2024.

Remember that you can continually refine your entry until the end of the submission period, so take advantage of this opportunity to improve your submission writing.

Where can I go if I have questions?

Should you have any questions about the Milesight Impact Awards or your entry, please do not hesitate to email us at marketing@milesight.com

If you are interested in Milesight, please leave us a message.

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