Milesight and Vemco Group Collaborate to Enhance IoT Solutions Through Technical Partnership

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Xiamen, China, and Fredericia, Denmark, May 29, 2024 - Milesight, a leading provider of innovative IoT and security products, and Vemco Group, a data analytics software company, specializing in people counting, retail analytics, and business optimization, announces a technical partnership by integrating Milesight devices to Vemco’s software. 

This collaboration aims to deliver highly integrated IoT solutions to customers by combining Milesight's IoT devices, particularly the people counting and occupancy series, with Vemco Group’s high-performance software. This partnership seeks to provide users, including retailers, malls, entertainment venues, airports, public institutions, and more, with profound behavioral insights into their customers and visitors. By leveraging their expertise and technologies, both companies strive to offer comprehensive and seamless solutions for IoT applications, with a specific focus on the people counting and occupancy industries.

Through ongoing innovation in future-proof technologies and extensive market research, Milesight's products, particularly the people counting and occupancy sensors, effectively meet market demands. Vemco Group provides a top-tier people counting software based on advanced sensor technology to offer detailed data and insights. By integrating the two, users can gather real-time data from Milesight's sensors within Vemco Group’s software, enabling them to obtain actionable insights on optimizing their business operations.

People Counting Solution

The solution acquires reliable counting of people in both directions simultaneously and counting of people in the specific region with the help of the latest AI, ToF, and LoRaWAN® technologies. By getting accurate and real-time people flow statistics in the software, it greatly contributes to better space utilization, improved energy saving, and more value-added business running.

Space Occupancy Solution

Space occupancy refers to the measure of individuals in a space. It is also a measure of how many people use a space. Having a comprehensive understanding of space occupancy allows for improved strategic decision making, identification of opportunities for cost reduction, simplified space planning and validation of customer needs.

Quote from Both Parties

"This partnership demonstrates the shared commitment of Milesight and Vemco Group to empower customers with IoT solutions that drive cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhancements in conversion rates and profitability. Through the integration of our technologies, we aspire to ignite digital transformation and enhance operational efficiency by providing users with highly integrated IoT solutions, especially people counting and occupancy solutions." stated Leon Jiang, VP at Milesight.

"At Vemco Group, we are honored to announce our collaboration with Milesight, integrating their cutting-edge people counting and IoT sensors into our data analytics software. This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to empower partners and customers worldwide with unparalleled flexibility in data management and real-time alerting capabilities.

Our commitment is to facilitate seamless access and comprehensive analysis of data generated by Milesight sensors, fostering a deeper understanding of operational dynamics. By merging this rich sensor data with transactional insights, we aim to drive tangible improvements in key performance indicators, such as conversion rates. Together, we are poised to revolutionize operational efficiency and elevate success for businesses across the globe," said Stefan Eichblatt, BDM at Vemco Group.

About Vemco Group

Vemco Group is a leading data analytics software company, specializing in cutting-edge solutions for people counting, retail analytics, IoT dashboards, and business optimization. Our extensive network of partners collaborates with us worldwide, spanning across various sectors including retail, entertainment, smart buildings, public institutions, and more. Together, we empower businesses to gain profound insights into visitor behavior and enhance operational efficiency by harnessing data from a diverse range of sensors.

Over a Decade of Experience

Established in 2005, Vemco Group has been at the forefront of innovation, continuously evolving our data collection and analytics platform to meet the evolving demands of data-driven decision-making. Trusted by hundreds of retailers, shopping malls, universities, and smart buildings globally, our platform is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

About Milesight

Milesight offers multi-potential sensing products to capture the most meaningful data and makes it accessible across diverse applications. It innovatively applies emerging technologies such as Al, 5G, and loT to distinct use scenarios. With a commitment to making sensing matter, Milesight quickly responds to customer-specific challenges and collaborates with an expanding network of partners to deliver unique data value. It is determined to make real, positive impacts in smart buildings, intelligent traffic, intelligent security, smart cities, and beyond.

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