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What Does "Matter"
Mean to Us?

In a world where data drives decisions and impacts outcomes, it is the unnoticed, "too small," or "too everyday" things that often hold the most significant potential. Sensing can be the cornerstone of understanding and interacting with our world.

What matters is not always the same. New technologies will be born, new needs will emerge, and new applications will arise. What remains unchanged is that Milesight always focuses on what delivers the most value, whether it's our products, the data we capture, or the way we work with our customers and partners.

At Milesight, everything we do is about Making Sensing Matter so that:

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YOU can capture the most valuable data

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YOU can create meaningful connections with your surroundings

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YOU have the right product and technology for specific needs

To make sensing truly work across challenges, applications, and
industries, that's what "matter" means to us.

Multi-potential Sensing Products

We Sense What Matters

Recognizing the value of data in today's digitized world, Milesight has evolved beyond our initial roots. Now, we cater to the increasing demand for reliable data with our multi-potential sensing products. We believe in the power of relevant, purposeful sensing, focusing on the data that adds value, reflects patterns, and assists decision-making.

Indoor Air Quality

Occupancy and
People Counting

License Plate Recognition

Motion Detection

Water Leak Detection

Distance Detection

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring


And more

See what's possible with
Milesight's multi-potential sensing products

Driven by Customer-Focus

What Matters to You, Matters to Us

We are all about creating the most relevant products to address the most significant needs of customers. Our customers inspire us every step of the way. What sets us apart is how we treat customer needs and how quickly we respond to them.

Our products and technology are adaptive and agile, ready to apply to emerging challenges and requirements. With our development advantage, technological strength, and diverse sensing capabilities, we are always one step ahead in quickly uncovering, understanding, and acting upon customer needs across smart buildings, intelligent traffic, intelligent surveillance, smart cities, and more.

Video Surveillance

Your needs are our blueprint

Milesight Occupany and People Counting Sensor Series

A new method for people counting

"You have challenges and demands. We have the technology, the expertise, and the commitment to create a product that just works for it."

Faster in responding and acting

"We brought every update to the market in the fastest possible way, basically one update a month. That's as frequent as a SaaS product."

A growing product line and the outlook

"With a robust sensor range, we're now focusing on easier deployment, faster project execution, and exploring more possibilities in response to customer needs."

make sensing matter interview questions Why the focus on the retail industry? And how did you find the right people counting technology for it?

After the launch of the VS121, the retail sector caught our attention. This sector has more specific, varied requirements than the workplace use cases, and quite frankly, the VS121 couldn't meet all of its demands. Back then, customer feedback guided us to focus on on privacy and accuracy. They were expecting alternative technologies—something lacking in the market. That led us back to the drawing board.

Here I've got to give credit to our pre-research team, who delved into popular people counting technologies, their weaknesses and strengths, ins and outs, matching them with the unique needs of the retail industry in-depth.

Finally, we zeroed in on the ToF technology, which enables us to achieve industry-leading 99.8% accuracy without capturing or storing any identifying features. This technology attracted a completely new demographic of customers. We got new opportunities to engage in deeper discussions and explore uncharted territories of the market. Such interactions assured us of the value we were bringing to the market.

make sensing matter vs series team make sensing matter deco

make sensing matter interview questions2 After the launch of VS133, it has experienced several updates quite frequently. Why this approach? And how?

Customer success is our success. We aim to tailor our product to suit different projects and their specific needs. Apart from high accuracy, the retail industry had many nuanced demands like staff detection and distinguishing adults from children. Balancing these requests while staying nimble was challenging

Our answer is to prioritize what matters the most. We evaluated various features and researched their applications in the context of the customers' goals. The most practical and useful ones became our top priorities. Then, we started to release updates in the fastest possible way, basically once a month. That's as frequent as SaaS products. Everything was streamlined, highly efficient, and agile throughout our development process.

So far, we've established ourselves as the leading provider of people counting sensors in the retail sector. When our products improve and meet their needs, our customers trust and invest more in us, which fuels further innovation. This is what we call “value-oriented".

make sensing matter vs series cases make sensing matter deco

make sensing matter interview questions3 How did such a strong lineup of people counting sensors come into being? What's your outlook for its future?

Ever since the launch, our people counter sensor series has grown in scale.

Thoughts of becoming a platform provider had crossed our minds. However, focusing on our core strengths prevailed. The expectations for platform software are extremely diverse and detailed, but our commitment is to become the world-leading sensing products provider, which is also where our expertise lies.

Also, as our partner ecosystem grows, our technology partners have brought potent platform capabilities into the mix. Together, we can craft more powerful and efficient solutions. This is exactly the kind of win-win dynamic we always strive for.

So we decided to stick to our roots as a specialized product provider, focusing on strengthening our product range. Whether it was catering to cost-efficiency demands or introducing models applying different technologies, our focus was on diversifying to meet different customer demands. That's how we established a strong product lineup, which we have continually enhanced.

make sensing matter occupancy people counting series make sensing matter deco

AI + Wireless Camera + 4G + Milesight Advantages

4G Solar-powered Traffic Sensing Camera

Customer input was like our North Star

"We found a high demand for collecting traffic flow, detecting illegal parking, and capturing objective evidence for community or police use, which gave us the 'aha' moment."

Where our technological strength lies

“Our unique strength lies in how we combine the radar technology and AI algorithms to increase the detection rate and accuracy.”

The next main focus of the roadmap

“The feedback from our customers has strengthened our confidence in the direction of wireless deployment and highlighted quite a few specific needs.”

make sensing matter interview questions How did you first determine the direction of the product? Are there any inspirations from customers?

Customer feedback helps set our course.

In the case of traffic surveillance cameras for streets and highways, traditional outdoor setup involved laborious and complicated wiring. Our customers wanted something simpler. A swift and effortless installation was essential to them, reducing both setup time and labor costs. They also wanted a product that was as sustainable and energy-efficient as it was effective.

Through trade shows, partner visits, and market research, we gained diverse customer insights. Along with the basic surveillance functions, our customers suggested a variety of camera applications, some of which were quite intriguing. For instance, there were high demands for collecting traffic flow, detecting illegal vehicles, capturing illegal dumping, and monitoring entry and exit points for parking lots.

This feedback led us to our "aha" moment. We embraced these needs to shape our product—a wireless solar-powered camera with LPR capturing capability.

make sensing matter 4g solar powered camera team make sensing matter deco

make sensing matter interview questions2 Could you share more details on the technologies applied in this traffic sensing camera?

Restricted by the technology itself, PIR-trigger and radar-trigger capturing fail to adapt to some use scenarios. Our unique strength lies in how we combine radar technology and advanced AI algorithms.

The radar module detects targets in real-time and wakes up the device. The target will then be identified and filtered by AI to ensure that valid vehicle data is captured. We added multi-dimensional vehicle characteristics to provide better capture results at night. Both the capture rate and the image quality to support the back-end algorithm are at a relatively high level.

In addition, with dual systems, the device goes into hibernate mode when not working. Radar triggers a quick start to capture, and then the other system is activated to further filter with AI and execute the relevant applications. It consumes less power under the same standby time while ensuring high accuracy.

make sensing matter 4g solar powered camera make sensing matter deco

make sensing matter interview questions3 Looking forward, how do you envision this series of traffic sensing cameras?

As I mentioned before, ever since we launched our 4G Solar Power Traffic Sensing Camera, the feedback from our customers has strengthened our confidence in the direction of wireless deployment. Currently, we are focusing on gaining insights into customer needs, further understanding actual use scenarios, and openly selecting the right technology to meet these needs.

For instance, one of the frequently mentioned requirements is the addition of video streams. By analyzing the differences between video frames, moving objects in a scene can be detected and tracked, including information such as people entering and exiting and vehicle travel paths and speeds. Advanced AI algorithms can recognize specific patterns of behavior, such as people entering or leaving a specific area, vehicles stopping at a certain location, etc.

make sensing matter 4g solar powered camera applications make sensing matter deco

Stay Open, Stay Collaborative

Make Sensing Matter,

The complexities that our customers are challenged demand collaborative efforts. By uniting resources and expertise in single deployments, we are able to accelerate outcomes.

We empower our customers to achieve amazing things with an extensive ecosystem of partners, including technology partners, distributors, resellers, solution providers, system integrators, etc.—each with a clear focus, role, and set of capabilities.

Together, we complement each other's strengths to make sensing truly matter for customers.

Technology Partners

We work with technology partners to increase the compatibility of Milesight products with VMS, network connectivity, software applications, platforms, and more.


Our well-networked distributors are the bridge connecting us to local markets around the globe, helping bring Milesight products closer to where customers need them.

Value Added Resellers

Our resellers bundle Milesight products with their unique services, solutions, or knowledge, creating comprehensive offerings that solve specific customer needs.

Solution Providers

Astute in specific domains of expertise, solution providers build innovative and highly targeted sensing applications by integrating Milesight products.

System Integrations

Manage the project from start to finish, system integrators skillfully plan, design, implement, and manage integrated solutions utilizing Milesight products.


Partners Worldwide


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