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For the people with retail businesses, they are facing a lot of similar issues such as lack of a high amount of reliability, security, and network management. For the ATM operators, generally not all ATM machines are in one place; they are dispersed within villages and cities, so operators need to look for effective methods to collect their data back securely.

Besides, how much time it takes to connect machines and get them out in the market determines how much profits operators can make from their investment. To tackle such problems, Milesight adopts an industrial-grade UR32 3G/4G router to provide a reliable, stable, and secure connectivity solution for ATM transactions over the mobile-cellular networks.

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The UR32 is fitting well anywhere regardless of the ATM placement, it can be built inside of different types of panels or machines or in places where space is very limited. Complete with integrated routing and security, our plug-and-play routers provide a seamless connection to ATM switch applications.


In China, people have moved towards a truly cashless society. However, in some developed countries, the number of active ATMs has been growing year after year, like in the United States.



Traditionally, data of ATM transactions has been forwarded via fixed-line connection, which brings much difficulty and inconvenience to install and set up at branches and standalone ATMs, such as in subway stations, shopping malls, and airports. And it would be a high-cost investment to relocate the ATM machine for banks and financial institutions.

  1. Network deployment in the unattended area with limited space
  2. Expensive Ethernet feed for Internet
  3. High maintenance cost for always-on cellular connectivity and uptime
  4. Lack of reliability and security for retail transactions


Milesight offers the speed and trustworthiness you need for your ATMs without compromising the privacy of your customers.

The big focus on high security in the retail businesses results from a large amount of data transmission of financial information; therefore, since the IoT device UR32 router supports secure VPN transmission for the cellular data, any type of VPN that customers use is supported in the router. And the firewall will monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined rules.

The other big focus is on high reliability. Since the UR32 router supports auto-recovery and redundancy features, it is no doubt that it plays a key role in the “always-on” Internet connectivity by cellular. Thanks to the Milesight DeviceHub platform, ATM operators can easily realize configuration in bulk and efficiently implement central network management for all deployed routers.

The fast and easy ATM installation, operation, and relocation are no longer a challenge. UR32 router neither requires an Ethernet connection nor consumes infrastructure resources, as it uses the router’s connectivity. Furthermore, it protects the device from hackers since the device doesn’t use additional IPs.

In addition, CCTV connection is another common deployment for ATM applications. Inside the UR32 router, there's a PoE capable port that can connect with a camera for both power supply and data transmission.

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This solution can be easily replicated into some other applications, such as kiosks, convenience stores, vending machines, gas stations that have insufficient and unreliable wired Internet access options.

Let’s get started. Contact us and find out how UR32 cellular router can help your business with wireless Internet connections for your ATM machines.

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