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The traditional buildings are going through digital transformation into smart ones. Leveraging the intelligence of the emerging IoT/LoRaWAN® technology, these data and actionable insights allow for the precise coordination between responsible groups to manage and optimize resources. For various real estate properties in Switzerland, collecting occupancy data in different areas has become a trending need. Users would like to take an informative decision for the planning, execution, and control of cleaning tours. Thus, Akenza & Soobr have settled on Milesight product to provide a smart cleaning solution running there.

  • Real-time Occupancy Detection
  • Smart Cleaning Solution inside Buildings
  • Planned Cleaning Tours
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Analyze room usage
patterns and trends

Finding an efficient way to detect and calculate room usage in real-time can help organizations analyze room utilization, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions regarding resource allocation and space planning.

Optimize cleaning tours
and react to the
building occupancy

To optimize the cleaning tours and solution, the users need to access to the information of room details so as to facilitate the efficient scheduling and management of rooms and process the further analysis for optimizations.

Flexible cleaning

The cleaning services need to be adapted to the new work approach in hybrid offices - replacing rigid cleaning schedules through a demand-oriented cleaning (by implementing occupancy data) to achieve cost reduction.

Smooth device
installation and
connection to the cloud

The traditional buildings usually have difficulty in development of legacy devices. To meet the requirement of long range connectivity and low-power operation is a tough issue for the operators.

Infrastructure that
is scalable and

The solution needs to be strategic with IoT insights. It should be able to monitor and cover the certain detection area and easy to deploy without further on-site operation or avoid frequent maintenance.


To offer seamless navigation experience and enhance the capabilities of digital automation, Akenza and Soobr collaborate on the installation of a smart cleaning solution based on WS202 PIR Milesight devices. The devices are installed throughout the buildings and collect occupancy data in different rooms via the akenza IoT platform. The sensor data is then forwarded to the soobr smart cleaning solution for data processing, leading to improved planning, execution and control of cleaning tours.

The akenza platform takes over the whole IoT middleware. It is responsible for the connectivity and device management of the Milesight devices. To onboard the devices, a dedicated Device Setup Assistant allows non-technical people to easily register new devices. The devices are connected to akenza via one of the various LoRaWAN® network providers supported by the platform. The device type library of akenza decodes the payload of the devices into structured data. This data is then forwarded to the soobr smart cleaning solution. Soobr offers an efficient solution for smart building cleaning. Based on the collected data, it creates optimized and demand-oriented planning of cleaning tours in the building. Thus improves the quality of the cleaning, optimizes the use of resources, reduces costs and improves the experience for the visitors of the building.

WS202 Milesight Device Connectivity Akenza Platform Soobr Application

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Easy Onboarding of Devices

Going along with the emphasis on convenience, Milesight further enhances its R&D efforts to improve the plug-and-play feature of WS202 PIR & Motion sensor, so as to enable data-driven operation while keeping up with demanding working regulations.

Scalable and Resilient to Change Infrastructure

The WS202 provides secure and reliable connection to the infrastructure and removes the barriers to entry into the development of this emerging technology. To the changing facilities, the device provides unparalleled design flexibility to install and is scalable to any places at any time.

Improved Cleaning Tours Plan

With the smart cleaning solution, it helps improve cleaning tours and clean in the right place at the right time . Also, to reduce costs, it will create transparency and achieve ESG goals at the same time.

Improved Satisfaction of Visitor and Employee

The whole solution can provide accurate, round-the-clock analysis and occupancy report. With the device-to-cloud automated and comprehensive system that rely on proprietary hardware and cloud-based data storage, the visitor and employee experience a clean and comfort indoor ambience without any interruption during work.

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Why Choose Milesight

Milesight offers sensors that fit the current smart cleaning case with a good quality/price trade-off.

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About Akenza

We are leading the Internet of Things toward broad applicability by reducing technical complexity and empowering companies to create their own smart applications. Let us take care of the IoT complexity while you focus on what matters: the rapid introduction of your innovative, smart solutions.

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About Soobr

Soobr is a Swiss technology company that is driving the digital transformation of the cleaning industry. Our product has been developed over the last few years in close cooperation with cleaning service providers - software from the industry for the industry, for more efficiency and transparency. Our name stands for the essence of cleaning in connection with novelty (soobr = /'suber/ = clean in our dialect).

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