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Forest Fire

Milesight Helps to Improve Smart Forest, Forest Monitoring and Fire Prevention Outdoors

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Florina, Greece


Smart Forest, Forest Monitoring,
Fire Prevention Outdoors

Number of Devices Deployed

75* EM500-CO2 Outdoor
Environment Monitoring Sensors

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The forest area occupied is reducing each year. The reasons behind these environmental impacts are natural disasters (forest fires), deforestation activities, and unlawful actions. The main consideration of the project is to better detect wildfires in advance and protecting forest resources from social crimes through advanced sensor integration in the IoT (Internet of Things) environment.


  • Smart Forest
  • Forest Monitoring
  • Fire Prevention Outdoors
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Short-range Connectivity
Issues and Problems

In the large areas, especially in outdoor environment, approaching a stable and long communication between device is a common barrier for users to deploy new technology.

Harsh Environment
and Insufficient On-site

The changing weather and temperature in outdoor places will lead to a problem of device maintenance. And the product with long operational lifespans is a high requirement for most devices on the market.

Limited Budget
and Complicated

The complicated installation also expose issues in the outdoor areas when it comes to a scalable devices deployment. Also, of which, may lead to a increase of operation cost at most places and projects.

Delayed Alert and
Late Response

The forest fires often comes fast and is a widespread threat. However, with the shortage of protection and information transmission methods, it will finally falls down to the negative effect on the economy and environment.

Project Background

The project has been deployed by the Decentralized Administration of Epirus-D. Macedonia within the framework of Interreg Greece-North Macedonia and the project end users are Florina Forestry Directorate and the Florina Fire Service.



Forest Fire

Carbon Dioxide Sensor

Third Party
LoRaWAN® Gateway

CVRIC loT Web Platform and
CyRIC IoT Mobile Application


The forest fire may be avoided if a reliable technology could be built up in forest areas to detect fires and warning to firefighting authorities, who will be available to take the prompt action. Through a network of low-cost sensors, the solution intends to anticipate the environmental conditions conducive to the occurrence of fires and to detect them at the beginning.

Thus, a smart forest alert monitoring system has been proposed in this solution to avoid forest mishap over by automated self-decision-making protective actions such as parameter measures and alert and implementing the harm mitigation actions related to the hot temperature, CO2 , humidity, smoke, and smuggling of trees. With real-time monitoring, the alerts generated by the system will improve the response time, so as to protect the economic and natural value of private property.

The Milesight partner process establishment of LoRaWAN® wireless coverage at the areas where the sensors must be deployed, as well as the installation of LoRaWAN® battery powered environment monitoring sensors at the forest areas indicated by the customer. After installing the LoRaWAN® Gateway, the LoRaWAN® network can help to perform a coverage study that indicated the required coverage is provided. The Milesight EM500-CO2 sensor deployed at the forests will detect and measure the critical parameters that indicates the happening of fire.

The data will be forwarded to the IoT-based platform that is able to store, analyze and presents further reports and information for the operators. The platform also performs post-data analysis running a fire probability algorithm (fire index) resulting in the probability of fire at any given time of the day. If the fire index exceeds the pre-defined thresholds an alert is generated and the authorities are notified to respond to the incident.

All the sensors work as per the algorithm designed by the specific application of IoT (Internet of Things). The accurate predictions of the forest fire events and ensuring the forest safety have been tested and verified by a conducted solution on the real forest zone environment.

The growing contribution that local are making to these solutions further emphasises the importance of advanced technologies to the future of forests protection.

Highlights of the Smart Forest Solution

The suite of IoT tools including a Cloud based platform and mobile devices applications are being used in the project providing:

  • Storage of Data.
  • Presentation of Data.
  • Post-Data Analysis generating the “Fire Index” which refers to the probability of fire deriving from the collected measurements from each sensor (Ambient Temperature, Ambient Humidity, Barometric Pressure and CO2).
  • Generation of alerts when the “Fire Index” exceeds the pre-defined thresholds.
  • Notify the system admins and user when an alert is generated through Email, SMS and Push Notifications.
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Become Much More Mindful of the Security Risks

The solution can help take prompt response to alerts and remove the threats and barriers to the exponential growth of forest and economy. Users can easily break even on their investment.

Improve Operational Efficiency

The real-time visibility and management of remote equipment that can help you quickly spot outages, predict maintenance, and also increase worker safety and efficiency by deploying wireless sensors networks instead of people into dangerous work environments.

Increase Network Resilience

The LoRaWAN® connectivity solutions that are built to last. It can be rapidly expanded network without compromising service level and reduce operating cost.


Company Name: Teleglobal Communications

Company Description: Our company was founded in Ioannina in 2007, with the aim of providing services and systems, integrated solutions in the field of telecommunications and networks. With the quality and completeness of our products, we offer services and products related to network connections from their design to their operation. To date, public bodies, small and large businesses, hotel facilities, residential consumers have trusted our services. With many years of experience in the field, our highly trained staff offers solutions for every need, from the creation of local or wireless networks and the installation of satellite internet to the installation of terrestrial or satellite TV antennas.


CyRIC IoT is a pioneer in the deployment and operation of LoRaWAN® wireless networks and LoRaWAN® based solutions in Cyprus and Greece, with more than 7 years of experience. We have deployed more than 150 Indoor and Outdoor LoRaWAN® Gateways and more than one thousand (1000) IoT Sensors and Controllers.

We provide end-to-end IoT solutions starting from the design, implementation and operation of the required communication network up to and including the end customer/user solution.

Our portfolio includes horizontally the majority of the most widely used IoT solutions in the market like Smart Parking, Smart Lighting, Automatic Metering, Smart Buildings, Energy Management just to name a few.

We have partnered with market leading manufacturers of IoT products and solutions in a joint effort to deliver best-in-class end-to-end solutions to our clients.

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