Now Fully Upgraded
into New Height!

Sept. 20-27 live icon 2

Unveil the upgrades in webinar

We Never Stop Moving Forward

We are committed to continuously developing our products to meet the evolving needs of our customers. This time, Milesight CCTV product lineup has undergone a series of upgrades, and we never shy away from investing in research and development to deliver innovative solutions to our clients.
Join us on this journey towards excellence, as we strive to exceed your expectations with our upgraded product lineup.

  • Image Processing
  • AI Algorithms
  • Structural Design
  • Compatibility
  • NVR
  • NDAA
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Delivering Sharp, Vivid and Clear Visuals


How it Comes?


Elevated by Expertise - Next Level of Image Sensor

  • Upgrading from 2MP large sensor to 4MP large sensor.
  • Upgrading all 5/8MP sensors to the latest one.
  • Powered by Sony starlight sensor.
r d department

Driven by Passion - R&D Team Strives for Excellence

  • Break Through Image Technology Barriers.
  • Software Iterative Debugging.

What's the Improvements?
Achieve True-to-life Coloring and Fine Image Definition

Upgrade! Low-light

Improved Brightness & Reduced Ghosting & Less Noise

Upgrade! Full-light

Brighter Images and Sharper Detail

Upgrade! Infrared

Enhanced Dynamic Noise Reduction & Better Infrared Performance

Upgrade! WDR

Enhanced Visibility with Reduced Exposure and Vivid Dark Area Perception

low light
full light

What's More?

Say Hello to 1/1.8 ″@4MP
1/1.8″ @2MP upgraded into 1/1.8″ @4MP

Enriching Al with
Unmatched Precision and Performance

Stay Ahead of Potential Threats

Unveil the New AI Features of Intrusion Detection

intrusion detection

What's More?

Upgrade Milesight AI Features into New Level!

ai features

Pursuing Perfection through Structure Upgrades

auto focus

Improved Algorithms, More Accurate Focusing


Built-in gyroscope to improve EIS performance

ptz v1 upgrade

Lower the rotation error even less than 1 degree


Versatile interfaces to adapt to different traffic applications

Achieving Seamless
Integration with Third-Party

Profile M is Now Available

Partners with Network Optix

onvif m

NVR Now Equipped with Stronger
Decoding Capabilities

Fluently Decode up to 24 Channels of 1080P Video

Complete NDAA Compliance Across
Milesight Product Lines

NDAA Compliant, More You Can Trust

A Fresh Start with New Platform
and New Sensor
live icon

Join us for an exclusive webinar as we unveil our brand-new platform and together with the upgrades of the full lineup of Milesight CCTV products,
marking a significant milestone in our journey! Don't miss out!

DateTimeTime Zone PreferredRegister
9/20, Wed.9AM, UTCEMEA & APACRegister Now
9/21, Thur.1PM, UTCEMEARegister Now
9/26, Tue.6AM, UTCAPAC & OceaniaRegister Now
9/27, Wed.11AM, EDTAmericas & EMEARegister Now

Speaker: July Lee
Milesight Product Marketing Specialist

What will you learn:

  • Explore the changes and upgrades that the new platform brings to Milesight's IPC lineup.
  • Test and validate the upgraded image quality.
  • Discover brand new Intrusion detection function suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Learn about the structural enhancements made by Milesight in the PTZ series.
  • Q&A session with our experts.

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