Extensive Compatibility Wins Market
Published Time : [2013/3/20]    Read : [5457]


Milesight network cameras are designed for easy interoperability and are ONVIF compliant which could be easily used to set up a professional IP surveillance solution with various video devices including storage systems, video analytics products and Video Management System from leading enterprises. Thus, customers are given more choices to address their specific needs with a fully integrated, cost-effective Milesight network camera that features high definition video capabilities.


The broad compatibility with the leading brands is winning market praise for Milesight network cameras, plus the high quality, easy deployment and attractive pricing. Equipped with the TI's DaVinci chipset, Milesight network cameras are aimed to deliver high-quality video stream for customers.


As a leader in IP-based megapixel camera solutions, Milesight is committed to supplying reliable and cost-effective network cameras to customers worldwide. It will be continuing to explore new ways to improve the products and offer solutions with optimal balance between cost and functionality. Milesight not only fulfill the customers' need but exceed their expectation. 

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