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Traffic congestion, accidents and parking troubles are all on the rise, posing new challenges for traffic management agencies and placing greater demands on traffic monitoring systems. Choosing the right LPR system can help to alleviate these concerns. At Milesight, we provide market-driven ANPR solution that incorporates cutting-edge technologies.

Milesight AI LPR Camera Series


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plate numer recognition

Precise Capture

  • Day/Night Superior Image Quality
  • Speedy and Accurate Capture
AI LPR Algorithm

AI-empowered LPR

  • Embedded AI LPR Algorithm
  • AI-based Vehicle Attributes Recognition
integrated 3D Radar technology

Integrated 3D Radar

  • Excellent Radar Capabilities
  • 3D Radar Localization
  • Stable Detection in All Weather Conditions
plate management&search

Plate Management & Search

  • Black/White List Management
  • List Scheduling Management
  • LPR Smart Search
flexible deployment LPR

Flexible Deployment

  • Stand-alone LPR Solution
  • Closed-loop ANPR Solution
  • 3rd Integration with CGI/APIs
broad country and region supported

Broad Region and Country Support

Recognize license plates worldwide: Europe, America, Asia-pacific, Mid-east, Africa, Russian-speaking Countries and etc.

Milesight AI LPR camera series

Various Models Available

  • Diversified Lens Options
  • Multiple Installation Modes
Easy Setup of LPR cameras

Easy Setup

  • LPR Camera Installation Guide
  • Radar Camera Configuration Guide


Check out our excellent AI LPR Cameras in more detail

Supplement Light AI LPR camera

Supplement Light AI LPR Camera

Supplement light with IR LED or White LED is optional for optimal 24/7 LPR performance in traffic monitoring.

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Radar AI LPR camera

Radar AI LPR Camera

Milesight Radar AI LPR Camera is an innovative camera that combines 3D Radar, AI and LPR into one to provide various data such as vehicle direction and speed, which is particularly valuable for traffic monitoring.

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Milesight AI LPR cameras

More AI LPR Cameras

Boasting multiple models including Bullet, PTZ and Dome models, Milesight covers a wide range of AI LPR products from entry level to advanced to meet various requirements.

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Superior Images + Advanced AI Algorithms + Customer-oriented Solutions

  • Failed to capture the fast moving vehicle?
  • Can’t get clear plates at night?
  • Frustrated about misreads and false positives?
  • Looking for an easy-to-deploy LPR solution?

See How Milesight Fulfills Your Needs on Traffic Management



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See how well Milesight LPR is working around the world

Milesight Europe LPR Demo

Milesight LPR Demo-Europe

(Germany, UK, Italy and Spain)

Milesight North America LPR Demo

Milesight LPR Demo-North America

(Canada, USA and Mexico)

Milesight South America LPR Demo

Milesight LPR Demo-South America

(Brazil, Private & Commercial Vehicles)

Milesight Asia LPR Demo

Milesight LPR Demo-Asia

(Korea, Japan and Turkey)

Milesight Middle East LPR Demo

Milesight LPR Demo-Middle East

(UAE, GCC Countries)

Milesight Radar LPR Demo

Milesight LPR Demo

Radar Camera High Performance

Milesight Radar LPR Demo

Milesight LPR Camera in Low Light

IR LED Supplement Light

Milesight Radar LPR Demo

Milesight LPR Camera in Low Light

White LED Supplement Light


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Milesight LPR Camera

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