Upgrade Office with IoT: Energetic Office Environmental Monitoring

office-environmental-monitoring When we think of the indoor working space or inside environmental monitoring, all sorts of images will come to mind, such as the meeting rooms, HVAC systems, filtration, and other electronic systems. However, it is the case that the office environment has often been ignored as factors that affect human activities and work performance. Therefore, it’s necessary to know how to utilize IoT devices -AM107 air quality detector in an office monitoring and improve your well-being and work efficiency. Low-Cost Deployment Is Possible for Pleasant Microclimate

See how inside environmental monitoring helps increase better labor outcomes and wellness.


The LoRaWAN® based AM107 ambiance monitoring sensor is specifically designed to collect data on the environment, air pollutants, and lightness in one device.

Temperature/Humidity Monitoring

AM107 sensor allows you to monitor and manage temperature and humidity levels across the offices and optimize conditions for your well-being and comfort.

Set up humidity threshold in the room between 40% and 60%, and temperature thresholds on 20–22°С during wintertime and 22-24°С during summertime. Also, the AM107 sensor can help you auto turn on and off the HVAC system through a LoRaWAN® controller with Digital Input and Output interfaces, according to the trigger settings in the Milesight IoT Cloud platform.

Lighting Adjustment

The lighting in the office affects visual perception. With the AM107 sensor, you can make data-based decisions to optimize the lighting system by utilizing natural light to auto deliver the right light at the right time. Reasonable lighting can not only protect your eyes and reduce fatigue but also reduce mistakes in the work.

Motion (PIR) Detection

You can predicate meeting room occupancy in the office through behavior extraction, which saves your time and improve efficiency. AM107 sensor can be an energy saver as well by shutting off lights in a meeting room when it senses no motion anymore.

Air Freshness Measurement

Air pollutant concentrations have an immediate and local effect on you inside the environment, particularly the Carbon Dioxide and Total Volatile Organic Compounds. You can rely on the AM107 to keep an eye on the air pollutants for ensuring a natural environment, effective air monitoring can provide optimal working conditions and efficiency gains.

To better streamline your inside environmental monitoring, it is recommended to use UG65 LoRaWAN® gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud to enhance microclimate conditions inside the office and improve concentration at work.


Then it's a story about the time, data, and knowledge from our office, which grand ordinal people superpowers. In this smart working environment and smart office, you know exactly how to set up an effective atmosphere without even getting up. You can use the information of the beginning of the working hours and the readings of the PIR motion detector, through the light controlling device, it triggered to turn on the lights automatically when an employee comes into the office. 

Make use of the temperature, humidity, illuminance, and air quality information from the AM107 sensor, depending on the situations, you can control the HVAC to provide a comfortable working environment. So nobody has to breathe the stale office air.

To better streamline your inside environmental monitoring, it is recommended to use UG65 LoRaWAN® gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud to enhance microclimate conditions inside the office and improve concentration at work.

The Milesight smart office environmental monitoring solution provides you rich information that can help you take action. You just check in data periodically on Milesight IoT Cloud as you can see all the information there on your screen, you can get a quick view on Cloud and that gives you a quick summary of the current conditions in the office, so if there's an issue, those blue bubbles with a sensor symbol on them would pop up as red and you would know that there's a need for you to take care of.


  1. It's easy to deploy in any facilities, such as smart buildings, museums, libraries
  2. It's an important component in the Smart Office Solution for environmental impact assessments

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