Smart Soil Monitoring Boosts Significantly Higher Yield of Crops, Vegetables, Flowers and Fruits

Over the past few years, the applications of massive IoT deployed in soil monitoring, for example, greenhouse, have accelerated the evolution of digital farming. The data collection of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, soil content, wind speed, rainfall, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium has composed an important part in soil monitoring. This will definitely help farmers understand the optimal growing conditions for their crops, vegetables, flowers or fruits, prevent and diagnose plant diseases at an early stage as well as predict the production of crops, vegetables, flowers or fruits.


Due to the fact that the greenhouse allows for greater control over the growing environment of plants, it is often adopted where the seasons are not suitable for growing certain crops, vegetables, flowers or fruits. With the development of digital farming, farmers are able to manage their out-of-season crops, vegetables, flowers or fruits

  Challenges:  smtc_soil_sensor_topology  

By sensing the environment, Milesight LoRaWAN® sensors collect and send data through LoRaWAN® protocol and cellular network, which greatly reduced the heavy workload to deploy a wired network. Users can finally read analytics on Milesight Cloud dashboard on both webpage or mobile App.

Soil monitoring enables farmers to intelligently respond to conditions as needed and ensure that the optimal quantity of water and fertilizer for crops, vegetables, flowers or fruits is applied at the right time during the growing phase.


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