Temperature and Humidity Monitoring: All Needs Solved at Milesight!

The importance of temperature and humidity monitoring goes without saying since it affects many aspects of our life. Widespread but essential, the temperature and humidity sensor serves applications across industries. In the food industry, it is critical to ensure that food is stored at the proper temperature to prevent spoilage. In the medical field, it is important to monitor temperature and humidity to ensure that medications and other medical supplies are stored properly and remain effective. In industrial settings, temperature and humidity monitoring can help to prevent equipment failures and production delays. As industries increasingly welcome temperature and humidity monitoring to improve efficiency and lower costs, the importance of temperature and humidity sensors becomes clear.

Milesight, as a leading company with the most comprehensive and diversified portfolio in the IoT industry, hears the demand from the market. For different applications and verticals, we have the perfect fit to solve the specific temperature and humidity monitoring needs.

 Temperature & Humidity Monitoring for Buildings

EM300-TH is a compact environmental monitoring sensor that measures temperature and humidity and transmits data via LoRaWAN®. With low power consumption, up to 10 years of battery life, and strong waterproof capability of IP67, EM300-TH can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications and offers the best price-performance ratio.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring for Cold Chain

As the upgraded version, EM320-TH is a high-performance temperature and humidity LoRaWAN® sensor with two versions optional: Standard and Magnetic Version, offering greater flexibility. Benefits from its well-designed inner structure such as multi-layer structure, obturating ring, conformal coating, EM320-TH has unparalleled waterproof and dustproof ability as it can even work normally under the rinse of water cannon. Equipped with more advanced Sensirion sensor, EM320-TH has higher accuracy. With FDA-approved food contact materials, EM320-TH is a safer choice for more versatile applications that relate to food, beverage or drugs, which makes it a perfect fit for Cold Chain logistics. Its wide measuring range and high resolution enable subtle temperature and humidity monitoring required by different kinds of cold chain goods. What’s more, EM320-TH can endure low working temperature and maintain high accuracy.

Temperature Monitoring for Industrial Settings

The EM500-PT100 resistance temperature sensor is designed to measure a wide range of temperatures in harsh environments and transmit data using LoRaWAN® technology. EM500-PT100 has low power consumption and can work up to 10 years with a 19000 mAh battery. EM500-PT100 is equipped with a high-precision platinum resistance temperature sensor, providing stable and accurate temperature measurement and a customizable measurement range from -200°C to 800°C.

Temperature Monitoring for Tobacco Industries

TS101 is an insertion temperature sensor specially designed for tobacco storage temperature detection. With built-in high-performance detection elements, the product can accurately measure the temperature level of tobacco stacks and transmit it via LoRaWAN®, enabling remote and efficient monitoring of tobacco maintenance. With built-in 4000mAh battery, TS101 has up to 10 years battery life. TS101 has a rugged and compact structure with IP67 rated enclosure and IK10 rated impact resistance. TS101 is phosphine corrosion resistant and can work normally under tobacco extermination, allowing long and stable operation in tobacco warehouses.

Real Cases:Industries Reap Benefits of Milesight Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solution

  • Smart Building


  • Smart Healthcare


  • Smart Agriculture


  • Smart Factory




  • Smart Cold Chain


  • And Many More

Contact us to unlock more possibilities with Milesight Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Solution! We’ll help you find out which sensor best suited to your specific needs, or we can develop one that will meet your requirements!

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