Sustainably Creating Comfortable Environment: Milesight Motion & TH Sensor Enhances Well-being for People and Animals

Humans are attaching more and more importance to the well-being of themselves and even the animals. They try to create a comfortable environment utilizing modern technology, especially automation. That is one of the reasons why Milesight WS203 came in. It is a wireless environmental monitoring device that detects the motion of humans or animals, surrounding temperature and humidity. It ensures the indoor environment at a preset comfort level via pairing with the HVAC system if motions are being detected, which is a huge energy saver andbrings much comfort.

Challenges without WS203

Energy Waste

There may be instances where heating, cooling, or ventilation systems continue to operate even when no occupants are presented. This can result in unnecessary energy consumption and potentially higher utility costs.

Inconsistent Comfort Levels

Maintaining consistent comfort levels for occupants is a challenge. The HVAC system may not adjust sensitively based on occupancy, leading to variations in temperature and humidity control that could affect the comfort and well-being of individuals within the space.

Lack of Automation

The coordination between motion detection and the HVAC system would likely require manual input or adjustments. This can be time-consuming and less efficient compared to automated systems.


To address these challenges, Milesight developed WS203 Motion & TH Sensor which can monitor the environment including motion and TH sensitively and trigger adaptive automation. It collects and reports the data of temperature and humidity in an environment every 30 minutes, and detects the TH sensitively again once its PIR sensor is triggered. Then the latest TH data are transmitted to Milesight IoT Cloud through LoRaWAN® gateway for further analysis and evaluation, which leads to efficient adjustment of temperature and humidity automatically via the integrated HVAC system based on actual needs, preventing unnecessary energy consumption. 

What else, Milesight D2D (Device to Device) communication protocol featuring LoRa® allows for faster automation. Leveraging this technology, WS203 can trigger ventilator in less than 1 second through the agent device – UC300 controller once the motion is detected.

Flexibility and Scalability

With 5 different PIR covers, WS203 is flexible to use in various scenarios. What more, it is wireless, which is easily installed and expanded throughout a building or facility. This scalability ensures comprehensive coverage for precise monitoring and control of temperature and humidity in different zones.

High Data Integrity with Storage and Retransmission

WS203 can store up to 1,000 sets of historical data records with time stamps. When the connection fails, WS203 will continue to collect and store environment data. Once reconnected, the data collected during that period will be retransmitted to the gateway, thus avoiding data loss.

Low Power Consumption and Low Maintenance Cost

Adopting LoRaWAN® technology, WS203 features low power consumption. It can maintain a long battery life of 5 years with a built-in 4000 mAh ER18505 Li-SOCL2 battery and report at a certain rate, which lowers the maintenance cost significantly.

Application Scenarios

Smart Office

WS203 ensures humans’ comfort via coordinating with HVAC system when motions are detected.

Smart Hospital

WS203 guarantees the health of patients by helping indoor temp and humidity control.

Smart Farming

WS203 makes sure animals can live comfortably and get sick less through temp and humidity control.

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