Case Study


Milesight helps Dr. Shariati Hospital build intelligent monitoring system

Organization: Dr. Shariati Hospital Location: Khorasan Razavi, Iran Industry Segment: Health Care Milesight Partner: Kankash
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Dr. Shariati Hospital, located in Mashhad, Khorasan razavi, Iran, was founded by the efforts of Tuberculosis Society of Khorasan in 1330. The purposes of founders were to provide care for tuberculosis patients. The property of the hospital and the principles hospital officials valued promote an increased demands on safety for patients and staffs.


Recent hospital administration has paid highly attention to patients and staff safety that requires stricter controls over all crucial sections. What`s more, administrators must know the whereabouts of their patients and staffs who must be able to be tracked and monitored to ensure that all they would be timely reached when some emergencies occur. This poses a significant challenge to the hospital, as keeping eyes on all corners of the hospital is labor-intensive, and it would be hard to achieve this without intelligent surveillance system. In 2010, the hospital was equipped with Samsung analog cameras, until 2015, the hospital administration decided to adopt IP technology for a more modern method of video surveillance system in all outdoor sections, major corridors and departments.


With a clear demand for high quality images, the decision to use Milesight cameras was natural. Totally, 83 monitoring points have been deployed, with different camera models selected for each monitoring area based on functional requirements:

18 PCS of Milesight Pro Bullet Camera (MS-C3366-FIPNA) were installed in major outdoor sections to recognize faces; 25 PCS of 2 MP Milesight Mini Bullet Camera (MS-C3263) were installed in minor outdoor areas; 25 PCS of 3MP Milesight Mini Dome Camera (MS-C3587) and 15 PCS of 1.3MP Mini Dome Camera (MS-C2182) were installed and set up for major corridors and departments; 1 HP DL380eg8 accompanied Digifort software were considered to manage and record videos.

IR Pro bullet camera, bullet camera

Equipped with motorized zoom & foucus lens, Milesight Pro Bullet Camera (MS-C3366-FIPNA) allows remote control of focal length, iris and focus through the use of a lens controller, which is perfect for long distance surveillance. What`s more, IP66-rated housing of the network camera shields it`s sensitive electronics from dust and water, which ensures stable operation in all weather conditions.

weather-proof IR mini bullet camera, bullet camera, mini bullet camera

MS-C3263, Milesight’s Mini Bullet network camera, is capable to remotely control the focal length and precisely adjust the camera focus with only a few clicks of a mouse to provide top-notch image quality.

Built for diversified security applications, the Mini Dome Cameras MS-C3587 and MS-C2182 are developed with outstanding megapixel video quality and easy-installed design, which perfectly meet the needs of the hospital.Considering the numbers of cameras, to observe the images better, one monitoring room has been set up as well as three other sections.

IR mini dome camera, mini dome camera


One of the most immediate results is the greater sense of security patients and employees feel. Milesight helps to enhancing the quality of images and videos for greater management that leads to better service for patients. On passing through major outdoor sections, Milesight`s high-performance cameras record an image of the patients` face with high-resolution imaging. The IP cameras are used for monitoring and dealing with any type of occurrence in a timely way. After deploying Milesight`s cameras, Dr. Shariati Hospital noticed tangible improvements in security and management of incidents. The Milesight cameras surprised Dr. Shariati hospital officials in a positive way, because they provided different applications that the old analog cameras didn`t offer.