Milesight Announces Full Integration with NUUO and Luxriot

Published Time : [2013/10/14]    Read : [5915]

Xiamen, China (October 13, 2013)-Milesight, the leader in IP-based megapixel camera solutions, is pleased to announce the full integration of its full series of network cameras and the NUUO and Luxriot. Milesight has now been added to their supported lists. Milesight customers and partners internationally will certainly reap the benefits from the success our new partnership with NUUO and Luxriot will bring.


By being fully integrated with the entire series of NUUO CMS /NVR and Luxriot DVR, Milesight network cameras are able to complement overall surveillance performance and bringing increased benefits to our mutual customers, providing a reliable and flexible surveillance solution for diversified applications.



Milesight, since its foundation, has committed to providing global partners and customers with industry leading and high quality products and solutions for meeting various demands. With the adoption of an open standard like ONVIF which makes the integration of IP-based security products from different vendors into a single solution and system expansion easy and friendly, the flexibility and reliability of Milesight's network cameras are further enhanced, driving future business growth. Milesight will never stop its efforts in seeking the integration with different IP-based security products in the market to bring out the best value for our customers. 


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