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Milesight VMS Lite's Change log of Version

Published Time : [2014/08/25] Read : [695]

Xiamen, China (August 25th, 2014)-Milesight, the leader in IP-based megapixel camera solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the new version of Milesight VMS Lite. This updated release includes the new feature, improvements and bug fixes described as below:

New Features:

1. Added P2P devices type (Support secondary stream only);
2. Added two-way audio via SIP protocol (Support single voice channel only; P2P & RTSP are not supported)
3. Added schedule copying interface;
4. Added frame-by-frame / frame skipping playback;
5. Added a variety of multiple view types;
6. Added "Recording" (Alarm/Schedule) icon in Live View Window;
7. Added "A key to remove" feature on the Live View menu;
8. Replaced the old logo with the new one.
Bug Fixes & Optimization:

1. PTZ: Added the "Sharpness" feature and optimized to be compatible with the Image Adjustment of other vendors;
2. PTZ: Added scroll bar to fix the problem of incomplete view in low resolution;
3. PTZ: Fixed the problem that the 10th preset point is invalid;
4. Local Setting: Added the length configuration for the scheduled recording;
5. Local Setting: The disk space should be at least 500MB;
6. Scheduling: Added right-click menu to Enable/Disable in bulk; Optimized the Motion Detection alarm (including sensitivity adjustment, alarm area configuration, pre-recording);
7. User: Optimized the authority limit of the Viewer User;
8. User: The users have options to choose in the login dialog box and password modification dialog box;
9. Map: Fixed the problem that the system will break down if the entered name is too long;
10. Patrolling: Optimized "Add devices" window, and features such as "Disable the recording of the patrolling window", "Audio", "SIP Voice" and "Digital Zoom";
11. Patrolling: Fixed the problem that the "A key to remove" feature is invalid for patrolling window;
12. Optimized the right-click menu on the main page; the useless menu items would not be displayed;
13. Fixed the problem that the Snapshot and Recording URL would not pop up automatically if the device name has been revised;
14. Fixed the problem that the image may disappear if it's zoomed by scrolling after the playback is paused;
15. The devices with same IP but different ports could be added via ONVIF protocol;
16. The length of the activation code is limited to 12 at most and the leading and trailing spaces would be removed when the code is verified.


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