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Cameras' Firmware Change log of Version xx.5.0.103

Published Time : [2015/4/29] Read : [1978]

Xiamen, China (April 28th, 2015)-Milesight, the leader in IP-based megapixel camera solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version xx.5.0.103 of the network cameras. This updated release includes the improvements and  optimizations described as below.


1. Add "Auto Focus After Zoom" can be saved for next time on WEB if be selected;


1. Fix the bug that image problem may occur when sensor IMX222 start at the first time.
2. Optimise the issue that the system may break down when switch WDR on/off frequently.
3. Optimise the issue that cube camera may not be found by ONVIF when camera starts at the first time.
4. Shorten the time to display when connect to camera by VLC.
5. Shorten the time to search files when playback from browser.
6. Fix the bug that IP address transforms from IPv4 to IPv6 unexpectedly in SIP module.
7. Fix the bug that UPNP network mapping cannot delete the old mapping after IP change.
8. Support to change IRIS on Milesight-NVR.
9. Fix the issue that URL eraseoem cannot work well,add the feature which will auto reset after uploading the OEM config file.
10. Optimise the issue that non-IR cameras need more illumination when camera switches from B/W mode to color mode.
11. Optimise the CGI interface,update to latest functions, add motion detection and alarm input function.
12. Fix the bug that Daylight Saving Time function did not work.
13. Fix the bug that Focus function cannot stop.
14. Fix the issue that secondary stream was available in ROI and Snapshot module while secondary stream was forbidden before;
15. Fix the issue that Milesight-NVR can not achieve synchronization on Half-Hour Time Zone.

For the new firmware, please contact with sales, skype: sales.milesight, Email: .


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