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Milesight Unveils H.265 5 Megapixel Network Camera Series

Published Time : [2017/05/26] Read : [839]

Milesight announces the release of the H.265 5 Megapixel Network Camera Series to expand current portfolio. 

Xiamen, China (May 26th, 2017)-Milesight, the leader in IP-based megapixel video surveillance solutions, launches a series of higher megapixel cameras which are designed to bring finer details.

Clarity has no doubt playing an important role in security industry since finer details has become important in enhancing the monitoring effect and become a hot spot of the market. Milesight produces 5 Megapixel series catering for the higher resolution demand. Featuring with 5 megapixel resolution (2560x1920@20fps ), the camera will catch clearer images. When offering the highest standards of image quality, both bandwidth and storage consumption will be reduced about 50% because of the leading-edge H.265 compression. Under the extreme back light and high contrast conditions, the premium 120dB WDR allows the camera to record greater scene details with true color reproduction. The H.265 5 Megapixel Network Camera is also able to deliver high detailed color images even in low light environment reaching 0.006Lux.

"High resolution is a trend of our industry and its value will be demonstrated as the products being well developed. Milesight never ends its efforts in exploring market requirements and trend. Moreover, Milesight has been committed to bringing customers the best. " said Leon Jiang, Vice-president of Milesight.

New Arrivals:
1) 5MP H.265 Day&Night Pro Box Network Camera (MS-C5351-PB)
2) 5MP H.265 IR Mini Dome Network Camera (MS-C5382-PB)
3) 5MP H.265 Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Camera (MS-C5373-PB)
4) 5MP H.265 Mini Bullet Network Camera (MS-C5363-PB)
5) 5MP H.265 Remote Focus&Zoom Mini Bullet Network Camera (MS-C5363-F(I)PB)
6) 5MP H.265 Remote Focus&Zoom Pro Dome Network Camera (MS-C5372-F(I)PB)
7) 5MP H.265 Remote Focus&Zoom Pro Bullet Network Camera (MS-C5362-F(I)PB)
8) 5MP H.265 Mini PTZ Bullet Network Camera (MS-C5361-EB)

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