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Cameras' Firmware Change log of Version xx.4.0.63

Published Time : [2013/12/6] Read : [1214]

Xiamen, China (December 6th, 2013)-Milesight, the leader in IP-based megapixel camera solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version xx.4.0.63 of the network cameras. This updated release includes the improvements and bug fixes described as below.


1. Optimized the Activex, turn to use RGB if fail to open the D3D;
2. Optimized the layout of Wifi page on Firefox and Chrome;
3. Optimized Memory recycle on BOA, CGI(loadpara, snapshot, NUUO), ONVIF, wis-streamer;
4. Optimized the issue that the bitrate will change into 2048 only when higher than 2048 if use Wifi;
5. Optimized the issue that web get stuck when there are too many system logs;
6. Updated UBL for hardware authentification.

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed the issue that fail to get the JPG files after getting lots of images via HTTP;
2. Fixed the issue that fail to change into rgb_matrixes_1 under the low illumination color environment, if so, the red noise will turn into B&W;
3. Fixed the issue that 400 authentification error from ONVIF, compatible well with Milestone;
4. Fixed the issue that JPG error when read and write simultaneously;
5. Fixed the issue that fail to switch UDP and TCP option via Chrome browser on liveview page;
6. Fixed the issue that some parameters fail to turn into the initial values when restore;
7. Fixed the mini-dome series model error from ONVIF;
8. Fixed the audio issue to compatible well with Axxon.


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