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Cameras' Firmware Change log of Version xx.4.0.73

Published Time : [2014/04/30] Read : [899]

Xiamen, China (April 30th, 2014)-Milesight, the leader in IP-based megapixel camera solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version xx.4.0.73 of the network cameras. This updated release includes the improvements and bug fixes described as below.


1. Support to upload files to SMTP/FTP/SD card simultaneously;
2. Support to playback the recorded videos from SD card;
3. Support the bitrate from 16Kbps to 16Mbps;
4. Support UPNP, no need to do port mapping again on the router settings;
5. Support to delete the old files on the FTP server;
6. Support AAC audio codec type and denoise function;
7. Support to record the video with different size(10M-256M) on the SD card;
8. Support D-WDR technology on the MS-C26XX/MS-C36XX/MS-C35XX models;
9. Support to enable and disable the HTTP/HTTPS;
10. Support encryption firmware with MD5, enhance the security.

Bug Fixed:

1. Fixed fuzzy image and noise issues under low light with MS-C35XX model;
2. Fixed the issue that image would be a bit yellow under the fluorescent lamp with MS-C23XX and MS-C33XX models;
3. Optimised the Auto-Balance, fixed the issue with a bit blue image;
4. Fixed system_server memory leak issue;
5. Fixed the live video would get stuck under 1080P recolution;
6. Fixed the issue that image would turn into black when change the saturation for MS-C21XX model;
7. Disguard the 5000 port for listenning;
8. Optimised the SD card operation, including Mount action and Format action;
9. Support to access to the SD card files via FTP, e.g.:;
10. Fixed the issue that it would always trigger alarm from external input;
11. Optimised the schedule settings, support to set with 3 different time periods;
12. Optimised the ONVIF port and HTTP port with same port 80;
13. Human-oriented Milesight UI.


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