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New Logo Announcement: Milesight New Brand Identity

Published Time : [2014/08/15] Read : [1652]


Xiamen, China (August 15th, 2014)-Milesight, the leader in IP-based megapixel video surveillance solutions, today unveiled a new brand identity, symbolized by the introduction of a new logo that signifies its growth and transformation. The release of the new logo marks a significant milestone and start of a new era of Milesight.

The world is changing, and Milesight is evolving with it. Over the past year, there's been a renewed sense of purpose and progress at Milesight. While the company is rapidly evolving, our logo--the essence of our brand--should too.

The new logo is a modern redesign that's more reflective of whom we are today and symbolize our dynamic future. But we are still proud of our history, that's why our new logo retains core elements which are not major departure from its predecessor except for the colors that represent our spirit of innovation and vibrancy.  

In the upcoming months we have to update all our collaterals, marketing literature, online presence, etc with the new logo. We are aware that changing a logo is a process that can involve many steps and take some time, so we will finalize it gradually. We recommend Milesight partners using existing material while stocks last. Meanwhile, in case any of Milesight partners are in the process of producing some new literature or media and you would like to use the new logo, please contact our marketing department for getting the new artwork.

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