Starlight Premium is Milesight's "Best Value" lineup of 2MP/3MP/5MP network cameras which incorporate all Milesight's most advanced technologies including refined starlight premium technology, enhanced super WDR technology, and leading-edge H.265+ compression.Designed as the all-around series, Starlight Premium not only performs well at night, which could see every details clearly without any noisy or overexposure, efficiently reproducing the image’s sharpness and color saturation, but also delivers outstanding image performance in all kinds of demanding lighting conditions.

milesight ipc products which have starlight


Unparalleled 0.001Lux starlight visibility

Engineered with Milesight's industry-leading Starlight Premium Technology, the newly-launched 2MP/3MP/5MP network cameras can function in minimal light conditions reaching 0.001Lux(Color) or 0.000Lux(B/W), delivering clear videos in low illumination and near infrared light environments without any supplementary lighting. The Starlight Premium series aims to offer best-in-class light sensitivity, providing reliable round-the-clock video surveillance regardless of the lighting conditions and making darkness visible.

buildings in night.

Up to 200m IR Distance (Speed Dome Network Camera)

Equipped with powerful IR LEDs of latest generation, the Starlight Premium series can reach up to 200 meters long range IR distance which will greatly facilitate the nighttime surveillance for outdoor areas.

Compensation between views in dark with IR distance.

HLC (Highlight Compensation)

Featured with HLC (Highlight Compensation), Starlight Premium series is capable to produce clearer image in a scene with strong light sources. HLC detects strong light spots such as car headlights and flashlights in the dark, then compensates for the area as needed to make it possible to see details that would normally be hidden.

Compensation between car headlights and flashlights in the dark with HLC on and off

Top-notch 140dB WDR

Milesight never ends its efforts in optimizing the WDR effect for strong light or high contrast environments. Starlight Premium is the first line that incorporates Milesight's latest 140dB WDR technology which is far more enhancement than the conventional 120dB WDR. This super WDR technology allows the camera to record greater scene details with true color reproduction even where the intensity of illumination varies considerably, which is perfectly developed for extreme backlight and high contrast applications.


Leading-edge H.265+ Compression

As a pioneer in the use of the advanced H.265+ video codec, Starlight Premium series saves 70%-80% bandwidth compared with H.264, while maintaining the high image quality.

50% Reduction in Bandwidth

50% Reduction in Storage

50% Reduction in Bitrate at the same visual quality

Futureproof Technology up to 8K

Leading-edge H.265 Compression capabilities of the Starlight Premium Series.

60fps@1080P Resolution

Starlight Premium series offers super high framerate up to 60fps@1080P resolution which is double the number of frames offered by conventional HD network cameras. This technology enables the camera to capture stable and latency free clear images on fast moving objects.

Compensation between a man play footbal in 30fps and 60fps


Click the demo videos to check the video quality of Starlight Premium series.

Time-lapse footage to show the superior performance of Starlight Premium in different periods


Click the test reports to check how the Starlight Premium cameras perform in different lighting conditions.

The Starlight Premium Series’ test reports entrance about the image quality comparison.

Milesight MS-C2973-PB and MS-C3377-PNA Image Quality Comparison

The test reports entrance of the Milesight image quality comparison.

Milesight Image Quality Comparison

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