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Conventional Buildings are Facing Various Problems

Conventional buildings encounter a range of problems as they rely on traditional construction materials and methods, lacking the incorporation of smart building technologies or advanced features such as automation, artificial intelligence, or IoT sensors.

2 1 pain points
Lack of Energy Efficiency

Designed without a focus on energy efficiency, which can result in higher energy costs.

2 2 pain points
Limited Data Collection and Analysis

Limit the collection and analysis of data related to building performance and occupant behavior. Without this data, building managers may be unable to identify opportunities for optimization and improvement.

2 3 pain points
Lack of Automation

Lack automation systems that can monitor and control building systems and operations.

2 4 pain points
Limited Occupant Comfort

Not provide optimal levels of occupant comfort, such as lighting, temperature, and indoor air quality, affecting productivity, wellbeing and overall comfort

2 5 pain points
Limited Flexibility

Not be designed to accommodate changes in occupancy or use, making it difficult to adapt to changing needs.

Smart buildings Set the Stage
for an Exciting Future

The global smart building market was valued at USD 67.60 billion in 2021. The market is projected to grow from USD 80.62 billion in 2022 to USD 328.62 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 22.2% during the forecast period. operational efficiency, shares information internally and provides a better quality of service and citizen welfare.

---- Fortune Business Insights

Exploring the Smart Building Applications

Enhancing Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability

  • HVAC System Control
    Realize intelligent and energy-saving HVAC system control
  • Switch/Lighting Control
    Light switch on/off in a proper time and manner or cut energy down intelligently
  • Indoor Air Quality Improvement
    Monitor key air quality indexs in real-time for better environments
  • Security Monitoring
    Intrusion detection and one-press alarm
  • People Counting & Occupancy
    Real-time and long-term people flow and space utilization networking forming
  • Smart Trash Bin System
    To improve efficiency and management to get better profits
  • Leakage Monitoring
    Improve building environment monitoring to avoid potential leakage risks and damage
  • Smart Parking System
    Realize intelligent and efficient parking management

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