1. What is DDNS

DNS: Domain Name System

To translate the numerical IP addresses like into domain names, which can be easily memorized by humans like “”.

DDNS: Dynamic DNS or DynDNS

To translate changing IP addresses into a constant domain name. This is used to provide a persistent domain name for a resource that may change address on the network.DDNS provider:,,,,

2. How to Set DDNS

So far, Milesight cameras can support 5 DDNS servers.


1) You can choose “” as provider for DDNS

Step1: Recommend to enable and configure UPnP ports which can be used directly in DDNS, click“Save”for saving your setting.


Step2: Tick “Enable DDNS” and then click“Save” to see the blue “DDNS is running” on the top.


Step3: After Step 6 has been finished, and the status would show like this:


2) You also can choose the third party as provider for DDNS

Take as an example:

Step1: Log in

Step2: Click on the “Sigh Up!”.


Step3: Create a new account under server.


Step4: After registering successfully, please activate the Email and then choose to add a new subdomain.


Step5: After adding a subdomain, please check the HASH for this account. Click on "Dynamic DNS” option, window will pop up as below:


Step6: Click on the “Directly URL”.

You can check HASH from the following address:


Step7: After Step 6 has been finished, enter the information on the web; and the status would show like this:

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