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1. What is LPR

LPR(License Plate Recognition ) is a a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates . For Milesight, the LPR algorithm is embedded in cameras are able to recognize, capture and upload license plate images on their own and intelligently.

License Plate Recognition

2. Milesight LPR Cameras

* LPR 12x H.265+ Motorized Pro Bullet Network Camera

* LPR 12x H.265+ Mini PoE PTZ Bullet Network Camera

* LPR H.265+ ABF Pro Box Network Camera

* LPR H.265+ Vandal-proof Motorized Mini Bullet Network Camera

* LPR H.265+ Motorized Pro Bullet Network Camera

The integration with NVR/CMS is in processing, which is going to bring another supreme experience.

3. Countries that support LPR

For Milesight, the LPR function only applicable to the following countries:

Countries that support LPR

CIS (former Soviet Union)

Countries that support LPR

The algorithm of Milesight LPR doesn’t support text recognition other than letters and numbers.

4. How to set LPR

(1) Settings

Step1: After log in the web, and go to "Advanced Settings" → "LPR" → "Settings". Check the checkbox “Enable License Plate Recognition”, you can draw the screen to select area interested. The area as shown in the blue box below.

How to set LPR

[License]: We will automatically assign an license to each device.

[License Status]: This column is used to display the status of the license, [Valid] or [Invalid].

How to set LPR

[Processing Resolution]: Default selected resolution is 1280*720. Users can choose different resolution according to the environment.


The LPR of Milesight can only recognize license plates within 130-300 PX.

For better performance, please choose the appropriate resolution in advance.

Step2: Schedule Settings. You can draw the schedule by clicking [Edit] button. And then click [Save] or [Reset] after set. You also can copy the settings to other channels.

How to set LPR
How to set LPR

Step3: Don’t forget to click [Save] after all setting.

(2) Logs

The results from LPR detection will be display on this page as follows. And you can export the information by clicking the “Log Export” button.

LPR Logs
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