Milesight-Troubleshooting-VMS Pro Port Mapping

Milesight-Troubleshooting-VMS Pro Port Mapping.pdf

1. VMS Pro Ports

3 ports are related in VMS Pro:

Database Port: 23606

Communication Port: 33606

RTSP Port: 43606

So when we do port forwarding, we need to forward these 3 ports out of the LAN.

VMS Pro Ports

2. Router Mode

Most routers' port forwarding have 2 modes:

DMZ Mode

It will expose the specific IP(VMS Server LAN IP) to WAN Internet;

NAT Forward/Forward Server/Virtual Server(different manufactures have different names)

You should manually configure the specific port(3 ports) for specific IP(VMS Server LAN IP).

3. Port Forwarding for VMS Pro

If your router has DMZ mode, configure the DMZ for the VMS Server LAN IP. (Here is

VMS Pro port forwarding
VMS Pro port forwarding

After that you can directly add WAN IP of your LAN ( in the Client.

If your router has no DMZ mode, you should configure the ports for VMS server in mode NAT Forward/Forward Server/Virtual Server:

Database Port: 23606(TCP)

Communication Port: 33606(UDP)

RTSP Port: 43606(TCP)

VMS Pro port forwarding

For specific ports you should use corresponding protocols. Like 23606→TCP, only TCP will be allowed in database port 23606.

After setting the NAT rules here you can add the WAN IP on the Internet for accessing the VMS server.

VMS Pro port forwarding

The version of VMS Pro should be or above. Download the latest version at here:

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