1.2.1 Introduction

Milesight Video Management System Enterprise (hereinafter referred to as VMS) is one of the most innovative and most powerful video management software systems on the market, and it will fulfill your highest requirements and expectations. The simple and intuitive design requires little training while providing easy operations to preview, record video, add maps and alarm, etc. VMS adopts Client/Server architecture, which greatly improves the performance and efficiency of video storage, video forwarding and video Analytics, etc. It is a future-proof network video solution for large projects and can manage unlimited network cameras via unlimited working servers in different locations. The multi-level user authority management allows various user organization authority management and allocation. It’s able to integrate with other cameras over ONVIF.

This manual describes how to use and manage “Milesight VMS Enterprise” in your network environment. Some knowledge of network environment would be beneficial to the readers. Should you require any technical assistance, please contact authorized service center.