Milesight Development Platform API Overview

Milesight Development Platform offers Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow you to integrate the system with third-party applications. Using the Milesight Development Platform API, third-party applications can access and manage resources within Milesight Development Platform, which helps you to implement workflow automation between systems and increase customization options in your own applications.


Before you start using API, you need to created Applications on Milesight Development Platform. Each Application is equipped with a unique set of authentication information for connecting with Milesight Open API.

For more information, see Application Overview.

Communication methods

Using Milesight Development Platform API, third-party applications can implement bidirectional communications with Milesight Development Platform through the following communication methods.
API request and API response
Milesight Development Platform RESTful API allows third-party applications to call APIs for querying and managing resources within Milesight Development Platform. Every time the third-party application sends an API request, Milesight Development Platform returns a response indicating the request result.
For more information, see Request Structure and Response Results.
Event subscription and event notification
Milesight Development Platform utilizes webhook for event-driven notifications. After setting up a webhook on Milesight Development Platform, the system proactively sends notifications to the integrated third-party application when devices report data to the platform.
For more information, see API Event Notification Overview.

Main features

Milesight Development Platform API provides two main features:

Device management

If you want to use the default RPS (Redirection and Provisioning Service) settings, you can add the device to the Milesight Development Platform via the API interfaces and achieve the following:

  • Add devices to Milesight Development Platform and associate it with an Application
  • Query and manage devices
  • Monitor device status remotely
  • Invoke device services remotely
  • Receive real-time notifications when specific events occur
RPS management

If you want to use custom Profile for device RPS (Redirection and Provisioning Service), you can utilize the APIs to achieve the following:

Important: Only devices that are NOT ye added to Milesight Development Platform can be configured with RPS, and once configured, they can NOT be subsequently added to the platform for remote management and configuration, unless deleting their RPS records.
  • Specify the Profile URL for devices
  • Query Profile URLs of devices
  • Delete RPS records for devices

For more information about the available API interfaces, see API Interface List.


  1. Create an Application on Milesight Development Platform for authentication information.
  2. Use the authentication information to Get an Access Token.
  3. Carry the access token to make API requests.