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Reshape Restroom, Release the Values of Smartness

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Reshape Restrooms with Smartness

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NO! Turn Traditional
Restrooms Down

The conventional restrooms rely on manpower to manage. The limited manpower resource leaves various problems, leading to bad user experience and management. Have you ever been troubled by those problems?

traditional restroom disadvantages

Yes! Get Milesight Smart Restroom Solution

Milesight Smart Restroom Solution seamlessly integrates advanced operational and environmental sensors and IoT technologies breaking the limitations of traditional restrooms. It intelligently replaces the sensory systems of manpower to convert what is supposed to be “detected”, “smelled”, “touched”, “connected” and “told” into visible and easy-to-get information, realizing real-time monitoring and quick response for supreme user experience and the most efficient management.

Occupancy Conditions

Cubicle Occupancy

Cleaning Management

Tissue Consumable Levels, Waste Bin Levels and Leak Detection

Usage Conditions

Queue Monitoring, Traffic Counting and Peak Hours Detection

Air Quality

Real-Time NH3, H2S, Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Integrated Management

Energy Management, Reasonably Allocate Resources, Higher Cost Performance, and Smart Maintenance

Smart Display

Customized Display

Emergency Response

One Key Alarm

Fully Sense to Build A Smart Restroom

The one-stop Smart Restroom Solution equipped with diverse sensors and devices eliminates all troubles to build a smart modern restroom. Who can turn down a clean, fully functional, manageable and safe restroom with a great user experience? With great compatibility, it can also be integrated with third-party devices and platforms to realize wider and more comprehensive applications.

  • Detect with AI,
    ToF, and PIR
  • Smell to Get Rid of
  • Tell Status Accurately
  • Touch for help
  • Connect for Smart
smart restroom topology smart restroom topoloygy smell smart restroom touch smart restroom connect

High-End Airport Service

Smart restrooms in airports are technologically advanced restroom facilities that use various sensors, automation, and data analysis to improve hygiene, maintenance, and user experience.

icon cubicle occupancy monitoring

Real-time occupancy status monitoring

icon fill level

Supply level monitoring

icon central management

Central management information network


High-Efficiency Railway Station Service

Efficient and reasonable management is vital for a better user experience for restrooms since a great many passengers are gathered to share the Infrastructure services.

icon user dispensing

Improve usage distribution

icon resource allocation

Improve resource and manpower allocation

icon cost saving

Improve service efficiency to reduce costs

Train Station

High-Value Scenic Spot Service

Smart restrooms in the scenic spot can help enhance the overall visiting experience by offering tourists a clean and hygienic space.

icon good air quality

Good air quality

icon resource allocation

Improving resources usage efficiency

icon cubicle occupancy monitoring

Real-time occupancy status monitoring

Scenic Spot

High-Quality Department Store Service

Smart restrooms can be an essential addition to a department store to enhance the overall shopping experience, providing a high-tech solution to a traditional necessity.

icon clean

High-quality hygienic conditions

icon ventilation

Good ventilation performance

icon resource allocation

Improving resources usage efficiency

icon user dispensing

Improve usage distribution

Department Store

Smart Restroom
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