Smart Building Kit

Automated Monitoring and Management

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Enable Comprehensive Connectivity Within Smart Buildings

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  • Sensing Technology
    Our advanced sensing technology converts the environment into actionable data, providing valuable insights for all.
  • Seamless Connectivity
    By integrating our advanced sensing technology with LoRaWAN® communication, we establish a robust network that effortlessly captures and transforms environmental data.
  • Data Driven
    The Milesight IoT Cloud Platform transforms raw data into valuable information, empowering businesses to optimize efficiency, enhance comfort, and unlock the full potential of smart buildings.

Monitored and Managed. Smart Building Gets Ready

Unleash the power of Milesight Smart Building Kit - a seamless fusion of hardware and software for pervasive IoT connectivity. Gain instant data insights, advanced analytics, and immersive visualization. Elevate your building's intelligence effortlessly.

Why LoRaWAN®

LoRaWAN® is a long range, wide area, and low-power networking protocol.

Why iBox Kit

Unboxing Your Next Level IoT Adventure

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Enjoy the Best

Immerse yourself in the Internet of Things (IoT) world and obtain hands-on experience with multi-dimensional sensing products and cloud services.

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Reduce Time & Cost

Integrate with multiple NS platforms checked. Your last puzzle for new projects and potential market demands with quick deployment.

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Easy Integration with BMS

With LoRaWAN® gateway supporting for BACnet/IP, real-time data can be seamlessly integrated into existing Building Management System (BMS).

Why Milesight D2D

Milesight D2D is a device-to-device communications protocol which enables LoRaWAN® based devices to communicate directly with one another when they are in the same group.

* Independently Developed by Milesight

Exploring the Smart Building Applications

Enhancing Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability

HVAC System Control

Realize intelligent and energy-saving HVAC system control

Switch/Lighting Control

Light switch on/off in a proper time and manner or cut energy down intelligently

Indoor Air Quality Improvement

Monitor key air quality indexs in real- time for better environments

Security Monitoring

Intrusion detection and one-press alarm

People Counting & Occupancy

Real-time and long-term people flow and space utilization networking forming

Smart Trash Bin System

To improve efficiency and management to get better profits

Leakage Monitoring

Improve building environment monitoring to avoid potential leakage risks and damage

Smart Parking System

Realize intelligent and efficient parking management

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