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Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

For Food Safety, Pharmaceutical and Beyond

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Why Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Matters?


Product Quality and Safety

Monitoring temperature and humidity ensures that products maintain their quality by preventing spoilage or degradation, especially in industries like food and pharmaceuticals.


Help Businesses Ensure
Compliance with Regulations

Compliance with regulations is important globally, particularly in industries like food and pharmaceuticals. This ensures that the safety and quality of products from production to consumption.


Risk Management and Enhance Productivity

Early identification of variations in temperature and humidity enables proactive measures to mitigate risks, reducing product wastage and machine downtime.

Temperature & Humidity Mastery: Solutions for Quality & Safety

Dive into the essential world of temperature and humidity monitoring with Milesight's cutting-edge solutions! From food safety to pharmaceutical compliance, these smart sensors are your guardians against spoilage and degradation.


Applications & Milesight Solution

Cold Chain

cold chain process

Food Production

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food production

For food production, this involves farming, harvesting, or processing raw ingredients into finished products. Temperature and humidity monitoring is essential, ensuring raw ingredients and materials are handled under appropriate conditions, maintaining their quality and integrity.

Food Storage

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food storage

Monitoring temperature and humidity in storage facilities ensures that products remain within optimal conditions to prevent spoilage, contamination, or flavor loss such as wine.

Pharmaceutical R&D & Manufactures

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pharmaceutical r d manufactures

Temperature and humidity monitoring helps researchers maintain the stability and efficacy of experimental drugs and formulations.

Pharmaceutical Storage

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pharmaceutical storage

Continuous monitoring helps identify any deviations from ideal conditions, allowing for prompt corrective action to preserve product quality.

Distribution Hubs

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Continuous monitoring helps identify any deviations from ideal conditions, allowing for prompt corrective action to preserve product quality.

Food Service








server room

Server Room





How Milesight
Can Help
You Meet
& Regulations

Help Business Meet HACCP Requirements

Milesight Temperature and humidity sensors assist businesses in complying with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) requirements, which are essential for ensuring food safety. By accurately monitoring temperature and humidity, it helps maintain the conditions necessary to prevent food contamination and ensure product quality.

Certified to
EN12830 Standard

Milesight sensors are certified to the EN12830 Standard, which is ideal to be used in the transportation, storage, and distribution of chilled, frozen, or deep-frozen goods such as food and medical products.certification to the EN12830 Standard is important as it preserves food safety, meets regulatory requirements, builds trust and confidence, and optimizes operational efficiency

21 CFR Part
11B Record

Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11B ensures that the sensor meets the requirements set forth by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for electronic records and electronic signatures. This regulation is crucial for industries where data integrity and security are paramount.

Food Materials

The sensor is constructed using FDA-approved materials suitable for food contact, ensuring that it does not introduce any harmful substances into the food processing environment. This is essential for maintaining food safety and complying with FDA regulations regarding materials that come into contact with food.

Temperature & Humidity Products

Why Choose LoRaWAN® Technology?

  • Long Range

    Data transmission range up to 2 km in urban areas and 15 km in rural areas.

  • Low Power Consumption

    IoT devices operating on LoRaWAN® can run on small batteries for years, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

  • Highly Scalable

    LoRaWAN® networks are highly scalable, allowing the connection of up to 2000 nodes from a single gateway.

  • Secure & Reliable

    LoRaWAN® ensures secure data transmission through AES-128 encryption, unique keys, authentication, message integrity checks, a secure join process, and regular key updates.

Success Stories

A local hospital in Singapore was in need of a new temperature monitoring solution for its facilities, including locations such as the main kitchen, pharmacies, patient wards, operating theatre, and lab. Milesight provided EM300-TH for precise readings in sensitive spots like pharmacies and EM500-PT100 for stable temperature measurements from -200 to 800. Both use LoRaWAN® and MWI's web app for easy deployment and monitoring.

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Over 100 devices were deployed in a pilot health center in Spain covering over 10,000 km2, serving a population of 1 million. The Temperature & Humidity Sensors EM300-TH have been deployed to monitor the storage condition of medicines and vaccines to guarantee that the environment is in a good state. And once the storage condition goes wrong, adjustments can be made to take it back to ideal condition.

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The project deployed in Etlik City Hospital, the first hospital in Turkey to use LoRaWAN® solutions. In this project, hundreds of EM300-TH Temperature & Humidity Sensors and EM500-PT100 PT100 Industrial Temperature Sensors were deployed to monitor temperature and humidity in refrigerators and cold storage. 

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Tea manufacturers in Wuyishan employed Milesight's EM300-TH sensors in high-heat tumble dryers to monitor internal temperature and humidity, ensuring optimal conditions for tea leaf drying. Additionally, the EM500-PT100 temperature sensor monitors machinery temperature to prevent faults from prolonged operation. With various head type options, the PT100 sensor can be directly attached to internal components.

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In this project, Milesight installed EM500-PT100 wide-range temperature monitoring sensors, controllers, and gateways to establish a foundational infrastructure.This system monitors equipment temperature and detects threshold breaches. Providing real-time workshop monitoring enhances management responsiveness to various situations.

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System for Public BusesIn around 80 buses, Skellefteå Buss installed Milesight temperature sensors and gateway to monitor the indoor temperature, offering better working environment for buses drivers. With the centrally monitored system, Skellefteå Buss can now have all data collected and presented on Th1ng cloud platform, analyzing historical data and catching problems before it is too late.

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Temperature Monitoring for Hospitals
in Singapore


Temperature &Humidity Monitoring for Health Centers & Clinics in Spain


Medical Samples and Liquid Tank Temperature Monitoring for Hospital In Turkey


Tea Processing Temperature & Humidity Monitoring in China


Power Plant Temperature Monitoring In China


Citywide Real-Time Temperature Monitoring Systems for Public Buses in Sweden

Webinar Highlights Recap

Topic: Temperature and Humidity Sensors in Multiple Fields

Milesight's comprehensive range of Temperature Monitoring Series Products, designed to provide accurate and reliable temperature management solutions.

Application of Milesight's TH products throughout every stage of cold chain and logistics management, ensuring optimal temperature control and food safety.

In-depth case studies showcasing the diverse applications and effectiveness of Milesight's Temperature Monitoring Series Products in various industries and scenarios.


Learn More About Milesight
Temperature Monitoring Solution

wt series

Duct Temperature Sensors

Remote monitoring of duct temperature in sealed environments using NTC thermistor sensors, typically with a temperature range of -20°C to 60°C. These sensors are utilized for HVAC environment monitoring and are often integrated with thermostats to track environmental temperature.

iaq series

Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Digital temperature and humidity sensors provide real-time environmental readings, used for monitoring temperature and humidity in various areas and offering different IAQ detection parameters.


Motion & Temperature and
Humidity Sensors

Motion & Temperature and Humidity sensors combine occupancy and environmental data for monitoring in various settings such as offices, warehouses, factories, hospitals, labs, and restaurants.

You May Want to Know

Q. What is a temperature and humidity sensor?

A: A temperature and humidity sensor is a device designed to measure and monitor both the temperature and humidity levels in the surrounding environment. Milesight offers a variety of temperature sensors employing diverse technologies. EM300-TH and EM320-TH sensors utilize SHT with a digital chip for temperature measurement. TS101 & TS201 come with DS18B20 probes with the capability for independent calibration. TS30x & EM500-PT100 utilize PT100 probes. With the Platinum resistance probe, the sensor assesses the resistance value and translates it into temperature readings.

Q: At what temperature and humidity does mold grow?

A: Mold growth is favored in environments with high humidity levels, typically above 60%, and temperatures ranging between 77°F (25°C) and 86°F (30°C). However, mold can still develop in various conditions depending on factors like moisture content, airflow, and the presence of organic material.

Q: What is Platinum Temperature Sensor?

A: RTD stands for the Resistance Temperature Detector, which contains a resistor that changes rtd resistance value as its temperature changes. The most popular RTD measurement device is the PT100. In the process industry, such as manufacturing, chemical processing, power generation, steelmaking and metal processing, the PT100 sensor is universally and broadly used to measure extreme temperatures covering a wide range from -200 to +800°C.

Q: What is the battery life of Milesight Temperature Sensors?

A: The battery life ranges from 5 to 15 years, guaranteeing low maintenance costs.

Q: Do Milesight Temperature and Humidity Sensors have water resistance?

A: Yes, the TS101, EM320-TH, EM300-TH, and the transceiver of EM500-PT100 are IP67 Rated. The TS30x is IP65 Rated.

Q: What measures are in place to ensure the precision of the probes used in TS Series sensors?

A: The precision of the probes in TS101 Insertion Temperature Sensor and TS201 Temperature Sensor is guaranteed through the utilization of DS18B20 probes. These probes boast an outstanding feature - their independent calibration capability, which ensures unparalleled precision.

Q: How is the storage of data ensured within the sensors?

A: To ensure data storage, the sensors have the capability to store thousands of sets of historical data records locally.

Q: How is the reliability of the data ensured in Milesight Temperature Sensors?

A: Milesight Temperature Sensors are designed with features such as Data Retrieval and Retransmission abilities. These features play a critical role in maintaining the reliability of data by preventing data loss and ensuring data integrity.

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