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Hospital temperature monitoring is critical, as maintaining the right temperature in different areas of the facility can impact patient safety and well-being. For example, the main kitchen requires temperature monitoring to ensure food safety, while the operating theatre and patient wards require specific temperatures to prevent infections and promote healing. In addition, medication stored in the pharmacy must be kept at the right temperature to maintain effectiveness. Therefore, a reliable hospital temperature monitoring solution is essential to ensure optimal conditions for patients and staff.


A local hospital in Singapore was in need of a new temperature monitoring solution for its facilities, including locations such as the main kitchen, pharmacies, patient wards, operating theatre, and lab. The hospital is the first private and only not-for-profit Catholic acute tertiary care hospital in Singapore that began in 1949. The 319-bed hospital is supported by over 1200 accredited doctors, with more than 200 specialist doctors located on the campus. Over the years, the hospital has become known for its obstetric and paediatric services.

The hospital was in search of a wireless solution that could provide data caching and ISO calibration reports for the sensors. Milesight provided a hospital temperature monitoring solution that met their needs.

Challenges & Requirements

The most important requirement for this project was a wireless solution that could be easily installed without causing any disruption to hospital operations.

The system needed to provide data caching to ensure that there would be no data loss in the event of disconnection from the Internet.

Calibration of sensors is required wherever measuring instruments, data loggers and probes are used in medical-related areas. Even the slightest measurement errors can drastically affect the medicine quality or the safety of patients.



Milesight provided the EM300-TH, the Temperature and Humidity Sensors and EM500-PT100, the Industrial Temperature Sensor to help the hospital meet its needs. The sensor provides highly accurate temperature and humidity readings, which allows for precise monitoring of sensitive areas in hospital temperature monitoring (such as the pharmacy and lab). EM500-PT100 comes with a platinum resistance temperature detector, which offers more stable and precise temperature measurements from -200 to 800℃. Besides, Milesight sensors utilize LoRaWAN® wireless technology, which allows for easy deployment and flexible installation without the need for wired connections. The device also has a long battery life, reducing the need for frequent battery replacements and maintenance.

By using the web application from Metropolitan Wireless International (MWI), it allows users to automatically log temperature history without manually doing so with pen and paper, and they can easily export the temperature log with our application. End users can also configure alerts to receive mobile notifications on temperature deviation, low battery, etc. and schedule automated reports to their email. They can remotely view the temperature through our dashboard in real-time.


Figure 1 Homescreen to show status of all sensors


Figure 2 Device list


Figure 3 Individual device detail page


Figure 4 Manual exporting temperature logs



By connecting 89 units of EM300-TH sensors and one EM500-PT100 sensor with third-party gateways, the data collected by the sensors could be transferred to the gateway via LoRaWAN® technology. And by the use of the web application from our partner, Metropolitan Wireless International, users can effortlessly obtain temperature data and export it to the application without the need for manual recording. And also, users can also set the alerts to receive notifications on their mobile devices for temperature deviations, low battery, and other relevant events. Besides, users can schedule automated reports to their email and view the temperature readings in real-time on the dashboard which is perfect for hospital temperature monitoring.

As for installation, users can cable tie the sensors to racks, which will help prevent them from being misplaced, as previous sensors have often gone missing.

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“We like that Milesight sensors can be easily configured with a mobile application through the NFC technology,” said Metropolitan Wireless International.

Users can easily configure their sensors using their smartphones, without the need for any additional equipment or tools. This process is quick and easy, allowing users to configure multiple sensors in a matter of minutes.

LoRaWAN® wireless technology allows for easy deployment and flexible installation without the need for wired connections, reducing installation time and costs. Besides, Milesight EM300-TH  and EM500-PT100 sensors were cable-tied to racks, ensuring they would not be misplaced like their previous sensors in the hospital.

Up to 2800 sets of data can be stored in the device and cannot be manually deleted, further securing the traceability of the reported information. And with the support for data retransmission, the device guarantees that the web server gets all the data even if the network is down occasionally.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solution


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