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Milesight Brings LoRaWAN® Technology to Facilitate Temperature Monitoring of Medical Samples and Liquid Tank Monitoring in the Largest Hospital in Turkey


As the IoT transformation expands deeper into various industries and trickles into every corner, more and more hospitals harness LoRaWAN® technology to solve challenges not only in the patient treatment sector but also in backstage departments, like the laboratory department. To meet the need to improve efficiency and reduce emergencies, Milesight, with its partner Başarı Mühendislik, offers a smart IoT solution for Etlik City Hospital, the largest hospital in Turkey, to effortlessly monitor temperature and humidity of medical samples, as well as liquid tank level.



The medical samples in the laboratory should be stored at the appropriate temperature and humidity, but the malfunction of the refrigerator is inevitable. Thus, monitoring of temperature and humidity is vital. Also, it is very important to monitor the level of waste and chemical liquid in hospitals and laboratories.

However, there are some challenges to be tackled, like:



The project deployed in Etlik City Hospital, the first hospital in Turkey to use LoRaWAN® solutions. In this project, hundreds of EM300-TH Temperature & Humidity Sensors and EM500-PT100 PT100 Industrial Temperature Sensors were deployed to monitor temperature and humidity in refrigerators and cold storage. Several EM310-UDL Ultrasonic Distance/Level Sensors monitor waste liquid levels in the tanks. And UG65 LoRaWAN® Gateway offers reliable LoRaWAN® network coverage to cover the whole hospital.


Featured products

Milesight Devices

EM300-TH is a compact environment monitoring sensor for measurement of temperature and humidity and transmitting data using LoRaWAN® technology. With this low power consumption technology, EM300-TH can work for up to 5 years with a 4000 mAh battery. Combining with Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud solution, users can manage all sensor data remotely and visually.
EM500-PT100 equips with a highly accurate temperature sensor PT100, the platinum resistance temperature detector offers much most stable and precise temperature measurement from -200 to 800°C.
UG65 LoRaWAN® gateway is an affordable and powerful gateway. Besides its elegant appearance, UG65 is armored with quad-core 1.5 GHz SoC, 512 MB RAM, and 8 GB flash memory. Also, the new generation of LoRa Chip - SX1302 empowers UG65 with high capabilities. UG65 can support data receiving and transmitting simultaneously, and handle a higher amount of traffic with lower power consumption.

IoSphere IoT Platform

IoSphere IoT Platform is an IoT solution that can be applied in all sectors, developed to provide efficiency, and has the entire product range from the field to the platform stage. (Learn more>>>)



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How to connect the Milesight sensors to the IoSphere IoT platform? >>>




Milesight’s LoRaWAN® sensors collect temperature and humidity and liquid level, and automatically deliver them to the cloud-based remote monitoring system - IoSphere IoT Platform via Milesigth LoRaWAN® Gateway. IoSphere IoT Platform’s intuitive dashboard displays all critical monitoring information and gives users an easy way to access real-time status.

Refrigerator Monitoring

Refrigerator Monitoring

The temperature and humidity of the refrigerators in the laboratory were measured with Milesight EM300-TH sensors. When a refrigerator malfunction occurs or operates at an improper temperature, EM300-TH will immediately notify the admin via Telegram and the admin intervened promptly to prevent any negative consequences.

Cold Storage Monitoring

Cold Storage Monitoring

EM500-PT100 sensors were used for samples that needed to be stored at -80°C in cold storage. It sends the ambient data to IoSphere IoT platform which offers real-time status and historical tracking records. When cold storages are at risk, the admin will get an immediate alert.

Liquid Tank Monitoring

Liquid Tank Monitoring

The EM310-UDL sensors are installed on the lid of the liquid tanks to monitor the level of waste liquid and chemical waste. It informs the admin of the waste level every 30 minutes upon request. In addition, if the waste level reaches a threshold, an alarm will be sent to the admin's phone via Telegram. This allows the admin to contact the municipality and arrange for the disposal of the waste liquids.


Key Benefits

Milesight sensors remotely monitor temperature, humidity and waste level values 7 * 24. Thus, the end user does not need to check all facilities on site and get immediate alerts anytime anywhere.

Precise and reliable monitoring is vital, especially in hospital applications. Milesight sensor offers high accuracy with high reliability and stability.

Enjoy wire-free installation with Milesight sensors. And lower power consumption design makes it a super long battery replacement period.


Why Milesight

Milesight's LoRaWAN® devices are presented to the customer as attractive products in terms of quality, price, installation, and maintenance. The installation of Milesight sensors is very easy. In addition, the configuration process of our sensors with NFC features is completed in a matter of minutes. IoT specialist Yunus Emre Duygulu said: "It took only 2 days in the field to set up and configure all the devices. We used the Milesight Gateway Fleet feature to increase the signal range of the sensors. This allows data transfer to multiple gateways."

Besides Milesight’s products and services, Milesight has been a long-term trusted partner for clients in more than 120 countries since 2011. In collaboration with global partners, we generate inspirations and embrace challenges together and better, and win together.


About IoSphere IoT

IoSphere is the brand of Basari Muhendislik, which has been providing IoT solutions since 2007. IoSphere IoT offers IoT solutions for easy access to all the points you want to monitor, manage and control in your facility. With the high-performance IoSphere IoT platform, which has devices such as LoRaWAN sensors, IoT gateways and network equipment, it offers turnkey application and solutions to increase efficiency and reduce costs. The brand of IoSphere has been continuing Milesight IoT Turkey distribution activities since 2021.

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