Milesight Upgrades Lighting Control System for Campus



As environmental concerns are becoming increasingly intense, smart lighting control system will probably become one of the keys to significantly reducing the energy consumption of lighting without compromising comfort because the lighting is always used in our daily life. Better lighting control will help reduce energy and save costs by: for example, turning the lights off when they are not needed. Recently, the traditional lighting system of a campus in Anhui, China had desperate troubles with energy waste and inconvenient management of lights. To tackle these problems, Milesight helped upgrade and intelligentize its lighting control system to save power and improve the management efficiency of the campus.


Under the traditional lighting control system, much energy was wasted by not turning off the lights in time.

The teaching building has many floors so the lights should be controlled floor by floor, which leads to much labor cost.

The teaching building has a certain scale, where the management staff worries the transformation will cost much time and effort.


In this project, about 380 Milesight WS50x LoRaWAN® Wall Switches were deployed to help build a smart and energy-efficient campus. The data collected by the switches are reported to the third-party cloud platform via Milesight UG65 LoRaWAN® gateways for data visualization and analysis. Users can control the devices locally or remotely and get actionable insights through the app.


Featured Products

WS50x Smart LoRaWAN® Wall Switch

WS50x is a smart LoRaWAN® wall switch for the local and remote control of lights and electrical appliances. It can be controlled locally or remotely by IPSO or NFC. With two standard sizes for most international wall switch types, it can replace the traditional wall switch directly. WS50x can be widely used for indoor applications in schools, homes, offices, hotels, museums, etc.

UG65 Semi-Industrial LoRaWAN® Gateway

UG65 is a robust 8-channel indoor LoRaWAN® gateway. Adopting SX1302 LoRa chip and high-performance quad-core CPU, UG65 supports connection with more than 2000 nodes. UG65 has line of sight up to 15 km and can cover about 2 km in urbanized environment. It supports not only multiple back-haul backups with Ethernet, Wi-Fi and cellular, but also has integrated mainstream network servers (such as TTI, ChirpStack, etc.) and built-in network server and Milesight IoT Cloud for easy deployment.


The teaching building of the campus is 500-meter long and has about 190 classrooms on seven floors in total. The lighting control system of the entire building including classrooms, teachers' offices and corridors, needs to be upgraded together.


Hence, Milesight develops a smart lighting control system specially for the campus. Among the 190 classrooms, each one is installed with two WS50x LoRaWAN® Wall Switches, so there are 380 switches in total being installed in the whole teaching building. At the same time, 8 UG65 Semi-Industrial gateways (including 4 on the second floor and 4 on the fifth floor, and the installation height of the gateway is 2.3 meters) are installed as well. The built-in network server of the gateway is enabled and starts managing the data that are transmitted from the switches to the gateways. Then the gateways are connected to the third-party control platform through MQTT. So the users could get actionable insights from the platform and make reactions through remote centralized control, zone control, timing/delay control and so on, which realizes the intelligent lighting control and effective energy management of the whole teaching building.


Realize intelligent lighting control system and effectively solve the problem of electricity waste

Remote batch management of school lights to effectively manage school energy resources

The WS50x LoRaWAN® Wall Switch used in this project support standard 86 bottom box which is easy to replace the traditional switch.

Honor and Award

Recently, Milesight was on the list of “Top 50 in the Investment Value of Chinese Internet of Things Enterprises” which was appraised and elected by China IoT Industry Application Alliance, Shenzhen Internet of Things Industry Association, and dozens of IoT association experts across China. Remarkably, Milesight’s smart lighting control system project in Anhui, China was also listed to the "China Internet of Things Application Benchmark Cases”.

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