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Acquire Sensing Insights via Central Management

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Make Insights Visible and Manageable

The Milesight AIoT Sensing Platform is a management platform designed for x-infinity devices that captures images and unlocks the values to service different application requirements. With a simple connection, it can greatly arouse the potential of the images and bring an informative solution basement.

sensing platform topology

Make It Easy to See and Manage



  • Real-Time Update of Images Captured by Sensing Cameras
  • Devices' Status Statistics (Inactive and Active Devices Proportion)
  • Device Exception Alarm (Low Battery or Inactive Status)
device management

Device Management

  • Add Sensing Devices
  • Check the Latest Device Telemetry Data
  • Customized ROI Realizing Image Subdivision
  • Define AI Recognition Values
sensing objects

Sensing Objects

  • Build a Sensing Object from Different Telemetry Data of Different Devices
  • Search Historical Data of Sensing Objects
ota update

OTA Update

  • Batch Hardware Updating
  • Configuration Files Batch Importing


  • Low Battery and Inactive Status Trigger Alarm Push
  • Multiple HTTP and MQTT Receivers Can Be Set
open apis

Open APIs

  • Normalize Sensing Data
  • Support Data Output to Third-Party Platforms for Secondary Applications

Visible Highlights, Visible Insights


Make images captured, data collected, and results AI analyzed visible.

Central Management

Monitor and maintain sensing devices and projects from anywhere.

Great Compatibility

Open APIs for extendable performance to increase value-added performances.

AI Analytics

Intelligently read information on water meter, pressure meter, and digital display instrument, realizing sensing closed-loop.

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x1 sensing platform


Sensing Camera

  • Inspire Sensing Insights through Images
  • Easy-to-Get Wireless Deployment
  • Long Service Life with Low Power Consumption
  • Multi-Object Catching & Multi-Capturing Modes
  • Compact Design & Powerful Camera Capacity
  • Well Compatible with the Third Party Platforms
x5 sensing camera


Sensing Camera

  • Accurate and Fast Multi-Active Sensing Mechanism
  • Camera and Temperature/Sound Sensors in One
  • Wireless Deployment By 4G Transmission & Solar Energy
  • Full HD 1920*1080 Resolution with Supplement Light
  • Flexible Customized Capture Settings
  • Impressive Usability with Low Power Consumption
  • Robust IP66 Rated Waterproof Design

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