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Speaker: Rainfie Chen

IoT Partner Executive, Milesight

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10:00 AM

Old Yellow Buildings Turn Green and Alive

Retrofit of existing buildings represent an opportunity to upgrade the energy performance of commercial building assets for their ongoing life. Why? Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption in Europe and the U.S. In Europe, around 75% of them are energy inefficient. It is important to initiate energy efficiency retrofits to reduce energy consumption and the cost of heating, cooling, and lighting buildings.

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Reduce the
operational costs

Attract tenants &
gain a market edge

Data-driven insights &

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Empowering Building Energy Retrofitting
with IoT Solutions

Large-scale Deployments with Ease

With support for LoRaWAN® Gateway with BACnet,
real-time data can be seamlessly integrated
into existing Building Management System (BMS).

  • BACnet over LoRaWAN®
  • LoRaWAN® as a Complementary Network

Bulk Deployment and Central Management

  • Working with Milesight Development Platform and DeviceHub to realize easy setup and management
  • Connecting to Milesight IoT Cloud platform for comprehensive data and analysis
smart building energy management bacnet
smart building energy management bulk deployment

You May Want to Know

Q. Which kind of thermostat should I choose?

A: It depends on what kind of system you are using locally. You can take 2 mins in our Thermostat Checker for compatibility.

Q. Smart Switch can be directly replaced with existing traditional switches? Do we need any cabling?
or any additional power to work?

A: Yes, WS50x Smart Wall Switch can be directly replaced with existing traditional switches, there's no cabling or additional power required. But please allow us to remind you about the difference between the LN type and Switch type, and also please hire the certified electrician or wireman to operate it.

Q. Do we need Smart Light Controller WS558 for work Smart Switches WS50x?

A: In most of the cases, WS558 is used to control lighting system, but you can work it to control other electrical appliances that within the power. For example, you can use WS50x smart switch to control other electrical appliances, and work WS558 to control lights circuits. They can work independently and perfectly

Q. What is the real difference between the two types of WS558 light controllers?

A: The LN type can collect diverse power parameters, such as Voltage (VAC), Current (mA), Power Factor (%), Power (W), Power Consumption (kW·h); But the Switch Type can't collect these data.

Q. For current transformer, is there any possible to get aggregated data for sampling like to
make kWh readings?

A: CT10x can achieve a sampling frequency of 3.3kHz and calculates the cumulative ampere-hour (Ah) reading every second. By providing the voltage and power factor, users can estimate the kilowatt-hour (kWh) reading.

Q. How to Integrate LoRaWAN® Sensor to BACnet BMS System via Milesight Gateway

A: Milesight gateway is able to decode the data of LoRaWAN® sensors and map the sensor data into BACnet objects used by BMS system or BACnet devices, which can quickly and easily integrate LoRaWAN® devices to Building Management System. For details steps, please check our article.

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