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Milesight Helps to Improve Smart IoT Office, Workplace Optimization Solution and Digital
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Johor Bahru, Johor,

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Smart IoT Office, Workplace Optimization
Solution, Digital Transformation in Port

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The fast growth and transformation of the shipping industry in recent years have created a great need for efficient, innovative port infrastructure. Smart ports are designed to meet this need by leveraging the latest technologies to improve performance and optimize operations. One of the top ports in Malaysia confronts with the same situation, aspiring to be competitive, efficient, technology advanced and green as well. To drive the desired outcome, the first digital transformation is going through the office and brings in smart IoT workplace.

  • Smart IoT Office
  • Workplace Optimization Solution
  • Digital Transformation in Port
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Redefining Traditional

The traditional concept of work is changing. The plug and play setup of coworking spaces is proving to be a big draw among the new nomadic workforce. However, with the legacy layout, it is hard to revolutionize and change the traditional IoT offices into smart, efficient, and green ones.

Inadequate Space
Area for Work

The fast growth of company will definitely brings in more staffs at work. Providing a choice of a dedicated desk, private office or shared office spaces, the format of work spaces is also evolving.

Schedule Inflexibility

Flexible schedules might seem complicated and hard to reach. However, one of the Key project objectives are lower operational costs through energy optimization and increased business efficiency through simplification and streamlining of daily worklife.

Problems with New
Technology and Innovation

Technological advancement means change. Change, on the other hand, isn't always simple to accept and cope with, especially when it involves the use of new systems, software, and other tools. Changes may be unsettling for workers without sufficient training and instructions, and they may not feel motivated to do their jobs to the best of their ability. As with the other issues mentioned, this might lead to dissatisfaction.


The key expectation for the Smart IoT Office is to leverage on technology to improve business processes and to maximize in collaboration by using the space and resources that contributes to a better operational, energy efficiency, safety and security and potential environmental sustainability. It aims to concentrate on internal digital transformation restructuring their IT division and providing an intelligent ecosystem in a smart technology office.

The above diagram is the epitome of streamlined smart IoT office management. By harnessing the power of LoRaWAN® technology, the interactions between devices and control center have changed from physical contact points into digital environments.

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First, the solution goes to the upgrade of lights automation. By using Milesight product, they are, PIR and Light Sensor (WS202-915M) together with Smart Wall Switch (WS501-915M) and Smart Light Controller (WS558-915M) for automated lighting control and individualized desk light control, all lights in general office becomes automation with automatic switch on/off depending on ambience condition (50%/75%/100% light ON/OFF). Besides, it also allows to customize and individualize desk light switch on/off based on desk occupancy to minimize electricity usage, owing to the power of AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor (VS121-915M) together with Smart Wall Switch (WS501-915M).

Then, to improve the indoor ambience, the system will automate the level detection and trigger on the garbage bins and pantry consumables (sugar, milk capsules, coffee,etc.) to minimize manual effort to check if the bins are full or the pantry consumables has diminished, by leveraging the intelligence of Ultrasonic Distance/Level Sensor (EM310-915M) for level monitoring.

Furthermore, for critical parameters monitoring, integrating Indoor Ambience Monitoring Sensor (AM308-915M), Weather Station Sensor (WTS506-915M) and IoT Controller (UC300) can help automate meeting room facilities switch on/off depending on occupancy to streamline processes, and centralize air condition system control as well as monitoring of key parameters in the office such as temperature, air quality, weather conditions, garden soil conditions, etc.


Increased Flexibility of Workspace and Scheduling

By using automated lighting control and automated air conditioning temperature monitoring, electricity usage can be minimized and space usage can be maximized depending on occupancy of work desks.

Better and More Friendly Indoor Ambience

By monitoring the key parameters in the office environment, environment can be monitored continuously and processes can be improved. Also, the carbon efficiency values can be calculated by monitoring the key parameters and energy usage.

Improved Energy-saving and Cost Efficiency

Manual processes can be reduced to a minimum, i.e no need to switch on/off light in the office, no manual adjustments of air conditioning system temperature, no manual checking of the pantry consumables or garbage bins are necessary.

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Why Choose Milesight

Customer chose Milesight product due to the product price and quality as well as the flexibility to communicate and send data to third party cloud system, i.e Azure. No limitation in terms of connectivity and data transfer.

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We are a pioneering Malaysian IoT start-up, dedicated to delivering personalized and cost-effective IoT solutions across industries. Our innovative approach aims to revolutionize businesses by integrating cutting-edge technology seamlessly.

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