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Milesight VMS and IPCs assure a safer and more secure environment in Durmazlar's factory in Turkey

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Durmazlar is a machinery company specializing in sheet metal processing and is a leader in the industry in Turkey. With its state-of-the-art production department, the factory has stringent requirements for security management. To meet these high standards, Milesight's end-to-end video security products, including cameras and back-end VMS play a crucial role in protecting the factory's manufacturing environment, ensuring employee safety, and delivering exceptional security management.

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How to Eliminate Blind Spots
in Surveillance?

Suitable cameras with clear and accurate images and videos for different areas are required.

How to Manage a Massive Number
of Cameras?

With a sprawling factory covering an area of 150,000 square meters and over 600 IPCs, centralized management becomes paramount to efficiently handle the significant monitoring scope and multitude of cameras.

How to Ensure All Employees
Quickly Adapt to New System?

The user-friendly interface allows a large number of employees to quickly adapt and meet their core needs of live view and playback.

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Ultra Wide Coverage & Amazing Zoom Capability

Milesight Speed Dome Camera, with powerful PTZ motor to ensure the all-round monitoring, is deployed both inside and around the factory premises, providing a wide field of view and coverage to monitor large production areas, production lines, and warehouses effectively. The Pan, Tilt, Zoom functionality together with the special Preset Positions and advanced Smart PTZ Motion Detection flexibly monitor the cars and people getting through the factory.

Reliable System Stability

Benefiting from the advanced Client/Server architecture of Milesight VMS Enterprise, over 600 cameras are being managed seamlessly, providing 24/7 protecting. Durmazlar employs two servers: one system manages nearly 500 camera channels, while the other handles over 100 channels. This configuration ensures streamlined monitoring and control of their network cameras, optimizing resource allocation.

Effortless Collaboration and Remote Monitoring

Milesight VMS provides multi-user login functionality, allowing multiple users to access the system simultaneously. This fosters collaboration and efficient monitoring across various departments or locations. With M-VMS Mobile, users can conveniently check the system status remotely, ensuring real-time monitoring even when users are not in the office. The user-friendly interface of Milesight VMS facilitates easy adoption and quick proficiency in system operation. Its simplicity enables users to navigate through the interface smoothly, enhancing usability and productivity.


With the implementation of Milesight VMS system and IPCs at Durmazlar factory, the entire facility is now under comprehensive surveillance from the control room. Employees can proactively identify potential risks, ensuring a safe working environment.

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Why Milesight

“We are highly impressed with Milesight VMS. It offers exceptional features and a user-friendly interface. Since the project deployment, it has played a significant role in improving and elevating several aspects of our security.”

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