Milesight Delivers a Smart Building Solution in Shenzhen China



Under the circumstances of post-pandemic and with the rapid development of IoT, plenty of companies have gradually realized the importance of digital transformation of the office. Feiyada Building and Xianjian Technology Building, the landmark commercial buildings of the CBD in Shenzhen, China, have recently realized digital transformation including lighting control, device control, energy and environment management, space management, etc. with the help of a smart building solution by Milesight, through the use of LoRaWAN® products, helping enterprises enhance working efficiency and productivity.


Leaving the lights on accounts for a significant part of energy waste. Traditional lighting systems can only be controlled locally, which wastes much energy when individuals forget to switch off the lights.

It’s not easy to control the devices and manage the meeting rooms as well as other spaces in office buildings since they have to be controlled individually, which is very inconvenient.

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of continuously monitoring Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). However, since there are a large number of people working in offices, the accurate results of IAQ monitoring are typically produced over lengthy periods of time, and it is challenging to measure the air quality in real time.



*Smart Building Solution Topology

At the initial stage of the project, Milesight gateways and more than 500 Milesight nodes were deployed to build a smart and healthy office environment. The data collected by the sensors and nodes are reported to the cloud platform via Milesight UG65 LoRaWAN® gateways for data visualization and analysis. Users can monitor and control the devices remotely through the app.



With the installation of Milesight WS50x and WS156 in meeting rooms and common areas, the office buildings realize smart lighting control. For example, WS156 allows occupants to predefine multiple scenes with different surrounding ambiences which can be fast changed by pressing the button. Additionally, people can control the devices remotely through their phones.

Implementing smart building solutions such as occupancy sensors can help improve space utilization. For instance, people won’t know whether the washrooms or toilets’ capacity has been reached until they enter the facility. Milesight WS202 PIR & light sensors are adopted in the washrooms to detect whether someone is in the toilet through PIR detection so that employees can keep track of the occupancy situation and avoid temporary queuing.

Besides, Milesight VS121 sensors provide up to 98% accuracy as well as 100% real-time anonymous detection and thus are installed in the meeting room for people counting to improve the utilization rate of the meeting room effectively. And LoRaWAN® Wireless deployment of VS121 supports low power consumption and long-distance transmission. In addition, VS121 also supports Milesight D2D communication which means the lights and air conditioners can automatically turn on when people come and vice versa.

WS523 Smart Portable Sockets are deployed in office, and leisure areas for remotely controlling water and electrical appliances, as well as real-time monitoring water and electricity consumption data. Each functional area of the office's energy consumption statistics is visible at a glance. The data can also be compared year over year and reviewed ring by ring in accordance with the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual needs of the company.

When the energy consumption is abnormal, the power consumption system can instantly alert to help the maintenance managers quickly identify and address the issue, so as potentially save the company money on unnecessary energy costs.

Milesight AM319 IAQ sensor is able to achieve real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, PIR, light, carbon dioxide, TVOC, barometric pressure, PM2.5 and HCHO in the office. The traffic light status indicator and the emoticon indication of the device enable occupants to monitor the real-time data of IAQ easily. Once poor indoor air quality is detected, occupants can increase the ventilation rates timely.

UC1152 LoRaWAN® Controller, by connecting with multiple wired devices through RS485 interface to realize quick digital transformation. For example, upgrading traditional curtains to wireless remote-control smart curtains; connecting RS485 with electric meters to monitor the electricity consumption in real-time.

Featured Products 

WS50x LoRaWAN® Smart Wall Switch

WS523 LoRaWAN® Smart Portable Socket

WS156 LoRaWAN® Smart Scene Panel

WS202 LoRaWAN® PIR & Light Sensor

AM319 LoRaWAN® Ambience Monitoring Sensor

VS121 LoRaWAN® AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor

UC1152 Controller (Now upgraded as UC300 IoT Controller)

UG65 Semi-Industrial LoRaWAN® Gateway


In this smart building solution, lighting control and power consumption management, help enterprises save energy thus facilitating a more sustainable way to work.

People can control devices such as curtains, lighting, etc remotely, thus reducing labour costs and enhancing the convenience of management.

Real-time monitoring of IAQ makes it possible for occupants to enjoy a comfortable and healthful working environment, which can help employees perform even better.

Monitoring of washrooms and meeting room occupancy effectively improves the space utilization and achieves efficient management of the office.


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