Solution Overview

Milesight Smart Remote Management Solution is designed for installers or professional security service providers to accomplish easy, remote, and efficient management and maintenance of end user on-site devices.

Milesight leverages its own CCTV Router, M-Sight Pro APP, and Milesight CMS to deliver a seamless and well-integrated solution for security technicians to do remote maintenance in batch.

How it Works?

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As it's tailored for optimizing work efficiency, the key of Milesight Smart Remote Management Solution is simplicity. With its powerful product combination and simplified workflow, the solution enables speedy on-site problem solving remotely, which greatly saves your cost and time while also enhances the quality of support service.

For End User: Easy and Straightforward

When a problem occurs, things for users are very simple:

For Installers or Technicians: Professional and Efficient

For installers or technicians, we have Milesight CMS, a central management platform to achieve efficient and comprehensive technical support services. As a result, it becomes easy to solve on-site problems remotely.

  • triangle Add Milesight CCTV Router UR32S to Milesight CMS via SN
  • triangle The devices that have been granted permissions by user-side will be listed on CMS instantly
  • triangle Enter device password to begin configuring parameters in batch
  • triangle When the problem is solved, users can take back the permissions, ensuring for a safe operating environment

Benefits of Milesight Solution

For End User:

One-click Search and Easy Operation

  • double triangle Automatically search for devices connected with router on one-click
  • double triangle Configure device permissions for higher security and convenience
end user

For Installer/Technician:

Reduce On-site Visits & Solve Site Issues Efficiently

  • double triangle Professional central management software
  • double triangle Remote access to the router and bulk configuration of devices connected to router
  • double triangle Reduce on-site visits, greatly saving time and cost

Comprehensive Remote Configuration and Maintenance Solution

  • double triangle Device Maintenance:Device Upgrade/Reboot/Time Syn
  • double triangle Network Configuration:Device Activation/Network Settings/DDNS Setup/UPnP Setup
  • double triangle Video/Audio/Image parameters in detail for Camera
  • double triangle Channel Status of NVR

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