No More Empty Rolls: Solving the Challenge of Toilet Paper Management with Milesight WS201 Smart Fill Level Monitoring Sensor


In modern malls, maintaining proper conditions is one of the most important factors in ensuring customer satisfaction. A critical component of this is ensuring that restroom facilities are kept well-stocked with necessary supplies, particularly toilet paper. But it can be a hassle to keep track of how much is left on the roll. Insufficient toilet paper can cause inconvenience to customers and result in negative feedback. Therefore, monitoring toilet paper remaining in mall restrooms is becoming increasingly important. Restroom maintenance staff often rely on scheduled routine maintenance instead of real-time monitoring of toilet paper supplies. Thus, Milesight WS201 Smart Fill Monitoring Sensor is here to solve this problem of efficient toilet paper management.



There are several challenges associated with managing toilet paper restocking in restrooms.

  • Size of Sensor

Installing sensors in toilet paper boxes can be challenging, making it difficult to monitor toilet paper supply accurately without taking up too much space.

  • Power Supply

The power supply can be challenging to be provided in the toilet stall where there are no electrical outlets nearby.

  • Installation

The installation of the sensor needs to be secure to prevent it from falling off easily. However, this can be challenging, particularly with metal partitions or containers that can interfere with adhesion.

  • Unstable Signal

Wireless signals  can be unstable, particularly when interference comes from metal partitions or containers, hindering the sensor’s ability to function correctly and provide accurate information about the toilet paper supply.



Milesight WS201 Smart Fill Level Monitoring Sensor is specifically designed to monitor the amount of remaining toilet paper in each stall and provide real-time information to the maintenance staff. When the supply of toilet paper reaches a low level, alerts are automatically sent to the cleaning staff to promptly replenish the roll. This ensures that customers always have sufficient toilet paper in the restrooms. Moreover, the use of WS201 is cost-effective as it allows cleaning staff to be more efficient in restocking supplies and eliminates the need for manual checks.


Why WS201?

  • ToF Technology

WS201 utilizes ToF (Time of Flight) technology to accurately measure the distance between the sensor and the target, allowing it to quickly detect the level of toilet paper remaining.

  • Ultra-Compact Size

12mm ultra-thin design saves deployment space and adapts to various sizes of toilet paper boxes.

  • Secure Installation

3M adhesive fastening ensures a firm grip on various toilet paper boxes, while the removable rear cover makes maintenance simple.

  • Wireless Deployment

Battery-powered operation and LoRaWAN  Transmission eliminate wiring concerns, enabling true wireless deployment.

  • Signal Stability

High penetration capability enables stable communication even when deployed inside metal toilet paper boxes.

  • Sleep Mode

The device automatically enters sleep mode during the designated period (Such as 22:00-9:00) to match shopping mall closing scenarios. The user can adjust the sleep period as needed or turn off this function.

  • Flexible Alerts

Users can simply set the percentage of paper remaining, eliminating the need for complicated distance calculations. In Addition, WS201 implements customizable threshold levels for greater flexibility.

  • Moisture Protection

The moisture-proof coating on the mainboard prevents moisture from affecting internal circuits and electronic components, providing stable operations in high-humidity environments such as restrooms.

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