LoRaWAN® Temperature Sensors: Bringing Precision to Everyday Life

Temperature sensors play a critical role in food and cold chain logistics, which involves the transportation and storage of temperature-sensitive products, such as perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, and certain chemicals, within a specified temperature range. Effective protection of items in food and cold chain logistics requires a combination of proper equipment, procedures, monitoring, and personnel training. By implementing these measures, users can significantly reduce the risk of temperature-related product damage and maintain the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods throughout the logistics process.



Temperature Variability

Maintaining the desired temperature range throughout the supply chain, especially during long-distance transportation, can be challenging. Temperature fluctuations due to weather conditions, equipment malfunctions, or human error can lead to product spoilage.

Energy Efficiency

The refrigeration and cooling systems used in cold chain logistics consume a significant amount of energy. Finding energy-efficient solutions that minimize environmental impact is a growing concern.

Data Management

Managing and analyzing the vast amounts of temperature and logistics data can be overwhelming. Effective data management and analytics are essential for optimizing operations and improving efficiency.

Remote Monitoring

In modern cold chain logistics, remote monitoring is essential. Wireless temperature sensors transmit real-time data to a central control system, allowing for immediate response to temperature deviations and enhancing traceability.



Milesight TS30x LoRaWAN temperature sensors are designed to measure and monitor the temperature of food products, cold chain logistics, and vaccination during various stages of production, storage, and preparation to ensure safety and quality. It helps ensures that the temperature remains within acceptable limits is crucial for maintaining product quality, safety, and regulatory compliance.

The TS30x series contains TS301 Single-Channel Version and the TS302 Dual-Channel Version. The TS301 supports to connect with PT100 temperature probe or door magnetic sensor, catering to standard requirements, while the TS302 allows for connection of PT100 temperature probe and door magnetic sensor simultaneously, or two PT100 temperature probes for more specific applications. Meanwhile, the TS30x series features is able to process up to 10,000 sets of historical data records, as well as the retrieval and retransmission of data. It optimizes readability with LCD screen and equipped with 5~15 Years Battery Life that operates over LoRaWAN® network. Whats more, it is designed with IP65 rating protection and meets HACCP and 21 CFR Part 11B requirements.



Early Warning Systems

The TS30x temperature sensors are equipped with alarm systems that trigger alerts when temperature exceeds the preset threshold. These early warning systems allow for swift corrective action, preventing potential product losses.


Data Analytics

Temperature sensor data can be analyzed to identify trends, inefficiencies, and potential issues within the cold chain. This data-driven approach can lead to process improvements and cost reductions.


Cold Chain Efficiency

Monitoring temperature at every stage of the cold chain (from production to distribution) ensures that products are handled and transported under the right conditions, increasing the efficiency and reliability of the cold chain logistics.


Real-Time Monitoring

With the advent of IoT and wireless sensor technology, real-time temperature monitoring has become more accessible. This enables quick response to temperature deviations and allows for proactive corrective actions.


Plug and Play with Low Power Consumption

To prolong the life of the sensors and any connected battery or power source, they are often designed with low power consumption in mind. TS301/TS302 LoRaWAN® Temperature Sensor has been carefully designed to make the installation process easy and uncomplicated. And the small ear-like design on both sides of the main unit is compact and convenient, making it easier to install in various settings.

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