Actionable Insights for Agricultural
Productivity in Green House

Through Advanced Monitoring and Automation with X5 Sensing Camera

Location:Berlin, Germany


Berlin, Germany

Number of Devices Deployed

58* X5 Sensing Camera


Smart Agriculture, Green House Plantation

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Traditional farming methods have gradually evolved into more sophisticated and technology-driven practices. Among these advancements, smart greenhouses have emerged as a revolutionary solution to optimize agricultural productivity.

A smart greenhouse integrates various technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced sensor networks to create an automated and controlled environment for plant growth. These systems monitor and regulate critical factors like temperature, humidity, light, and soil conditions, ensuring optimal growing conditions and minimizing human intervention.

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iaq sensor the european green capital wellbased househlod


iaq sensor cost effective

Data Accuracy and Reliability

Ensuring the IoT sensors provide accurate and reliable data in varied residential environments.

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User Engagement

Encouraging active participation from residents in utilizing the technology for energy management.

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Integration with Existing

This is the most serious problem. Seamlessly integrating IoT solutions into existing residential structures without invasive installations or disruptions to daily life.


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Water Meter

Tank Level

Water Level

UC501 Multi-interface
LoRaWAN® Controller


The Things Network

loT Cloud

Recycled water irrigation systems offer a sustainable solution for addressing water scarcity and promoting environmental resilience in open spaces. By leveraging LoRaWAN® technology, these systems can be enhanced with real-time monitoring, remote control, and data-driven optimization capabilities, maximizing efficiency and conservation. As communities and industries strive to achieve sustainability goals, recycled water irrigation using LoRaWAN® technology emerges as a promising pathway towards a more water-resilient future.

The Milesight UC501 Multi-Interface Controller is connected via RS485 with a ARAD Octave water meter. The Milesight EM300-UDL Ultrasonic Distance/Level Sensor is installed in a dam, with the level probe placed at the lowest operating level and the node installed on a post on the bank of the dam.

The Milesight device then communicate over The Things Network and then into the INDICIUM DataBus where the data is integrated into the water pipelines Digital Twin. From here, the Digitial Twin is periodically evalulated to determine if any control events are required to turn on or off valves around the pipeline.

The data is also archived in Azure Table Storage and in an Azure Data Lake (GEN2) where it can be accessed for reporting. Visualisation of data is handled by INDICIUM Cloud.

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IoT-enabled Control System

The End User Control System uses the IoT technology for efficient water distribution management, allowing for real-time adjustments based on various data inputs.

Automated Water Quality Management

The system automatically diverts and recirculates reclaimed water that does not meet specifications, ensuring safety and compliance with health standards.

Remote Monitoring and Leak Detection

The EUCS enables tracking of system performance and rapid notification of leaks, improving response times and conserving water.

Data Analytics for Water Allocation

The web-based platform analyzes data to manage water allocations effectively, ensuring optimal use of water resources without waste.

Operational Flexibility

The design allows integration with bore water systems to manage supply-demand balance and is adaptable to different end-user needs and environmental conditions.

User Engagement and Accessibility

The system empowers end-users with intuitive interfaces for managing water usage, promoting conservation and responsible use of resources.

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Why Choose Milesight

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Indicium Dynamics selected the UC501 and EM300 UDL as we have had successful experience using these devices in similar projects before.

The Milesight devices were deployed to replace perviously installed equipment that has since failed. The upgraded of devices have also offered a number of improvements of the previously installed equipment. The UC501 features an integrated solar panel that removes the need for a much larger secondary solar panel, reducing the footprint of the installation.

The EM300 has been installed on a dam monitoring the water level, the previously installed device monitored the water level every 4 hours, but the new EM300 has allowed us to increase monitoring to 15 minutes while still offering a much longer battey life on the equipment.


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Indicium Dynamics

In 2016, Indicium Dynamics embarked on a mission to transform the way organisations collect, analyse, and communicate their data. The vision was simple yet powerful: make data management more intuitive and efficient, a vision born from the founder, Mike's, decade-long journey in the technology sector. Frustrated by the limitations of existing data management platforms, he sought a better way. The name Indicium is inspired by the Latin word for "information," which reflects our commitment to turning data into meaning. We specialise in providing comprehensive IoT and Data Management solutions, working closely with our clients to transform their data management aspirations into reality.

As we evolved, the potential of data to create real-world impact became increasingly apparent. Our focus naturally started to shift towards transforming data into insights that help our clients create meaningful impact – in other words, "Measuring What Matters" in order to empower decision-making that enables decision-makers to create a real-world positive impact on people, place and the planet.

This newfound awareness ignited a core guiding principle that we were already living but hadn't yet articulated: a firm commitment to sustainability. Sustainability is not only something we enable for others but a principle we strive to live by within our own organisation.

At Indicium Dynamics, we're wholeheartedly committed to partnering with organisations across all industries who share our passion for harnessing data's power to drive sustainability. Together, we're on a mission to leave a lasting, positive impact on our world. Join us in this journey to make data matter for a better future.

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