Stitched Panorama Wireless Deployment Multi-Sensor


4G + Solar Power = Complete Freedom

Wireless Deployment

Suitable for Temporary

Outdoor Low Consumption,
Rain or Shine

Uninterrupted Video
Stream in Any Case

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AI 4G Solar-powered Video Stream Camera

Coming Soon


Cutting-edge AI Capability

LPR Recognition

Built-in SD Card Slot for Storage

Optional Battery Ensures 24/7 Protection


4G Solar-powered Traffic Sensing Camera

Designed for Vehicle Capture

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Wide Angle in One Shot

Expansive Coverage

Easy Installation,
Lower Costs

Enriched AI for
Powerful Analytics

Advanced Image
Processing Quality

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2*4MP AI Dual-sensor 180° Panoramic Camera

Coming Soon


Extensive Coverage to See Further

People Counting & Heat Map for Trend Analytics

Seamless 180° Stitched Panoramas

Great Detail and Minimal Distortion

AI Multi-sensor Multi-directional Camera

Coming Soon


4 in 1 for Cost-Saving Design

Independent Sensors for Multi-Directional Views

4 Channels of AI Features

Available to Look Downward, Optimizing Surveillance Coverage

Stay Tuned for More to Come!

2024 New Product Launch Event

See You Soon!

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