Aiming for a BIG Change with the EM300-CL Capacitive Level Sensor

After the global pandemic that has put the whole world to a stop for at least 2 years, we have realized the importance of getting our hands cleaned, especially with hand wash. News and advertisements around the world have been sharing the importance of washing our hands with hand wash, significantly increasing its usage in our daily lives. Along with the increased in the demand in hand wash, there are also an increasing number of moisturizing hand washes that can be found in the market. In addition, in order to reduce close contacts, there is also a surge in human personnel replacements, where humans are replaced with smart AI bots or sensing devices to reduce cross-contamination while enhancing job efficiency and usage experience, transforming towards a smarter building and restroom.


What is the capacitive level sensor?

Do you find yourself in an awkward or frustrated situation where hand wash runs out when you need it? Especially in places where there is high human traffic, hand wash runs out in no time, and it takes much more effort and time for janitorial staff to ensure there is sufficient hand wash. Well, the EM300-CL sensor is the answer to all the problems. The EM300-CL capacitive level sensor is a non-contact level measuring device that utilizes the principles of integrated contrast of 2 electrode plates. It ensures no direct contact with your hand wash while attaining high accuracy level measurements.



Heavy Workload and Inefficient Workforce Allocation

In restrooms with high human traffic, like office buildings, airports, malls, hotels, and more, it posts a heavy workload on janitorial staff to check every single hand wash compartment. Adding on to the number of restrooms in these areas, it will be hectic.


User Experience / Inconvenience

Situations where hand wash runs out in the restroom lead to negative user experience, especially in the service industries. This can negatively affect a companys image and reputation that was built over the years.    



The main purpose of hand wash is to keep our hands clean, but it can easily get contaminated, especially when there is a foreign object is submersed into the hand wash, like a submersibe sensor, and a contaminated hand wash simply loses its primary purpose.


Hand Wash Wastage 

Hand wash is often disposed of when its contaminated, or when there is only some left to avoid hand wash runs out situations, leading to a high amount of chemical wastage that negatively impacts the environment.



With the aim of dealing with these challenges, Milesight has developed the EM300-CL capacitive level sensor that is able to monitor hand wash levels without any direct contact and sends out alerts when it approaches a certain level. By relying on the principles of integrated contrast using dual electrode plates, it enhances the devices anti-interference ability enabling higher accuracy real-time data. The smart sensing device also boasts with an impressive IP67 rated waterproof performance, making it suitable to be placed near sink areas. It is also a device that can be added to upgrade your building with a smart restroom.

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On-time Refills

With the high accuracy real-time data provided, the device is able to send out alerts on time when the hand wash approaches a certain level. This allows hand wash to be refilled on time before it runs out.


Enhanced Job Efficiency

With the smart device installed in the smart restroom, it frees up time for janitorial staff to clean other corners of the building, creating a cleaner and safer environment. Such automated detection sends out timely alerts where they would only have to refill or replace hand wash when needed, hence allowing more time allocated for other cleaning jobs, further enhacing job efficiency.


Pleasant User Experience

User experience is crucial in elevating a companys image and reputation, and a slight decrease can be vital as trust recovery is time consuming. However, with sufficient hand wash guaranteed at all times, it reduces the chances of awkward situations of not having enough hand wash. It significantly improves ones usage experience, which is important especially in the service industries. 



As the environmental degradation is continuing at an alarming rate, there has been a growing concern on going green and enhancing sustainability, where a great focus has been placed on reducing negative environmental impact to a minimal. With the EM300-CL, the hand wash will only be replaced or refilled when it reaches a certain level, it will noticeably reduce chemical wastage that places great harm to the environment. Besides that, it is also another smart solution that business should consider adding onto their smart building. As the battery-powered device is of low power consumption, it is another energy efficient device that could increase work efficiency and wastage reduction.


Creating a smart restroom is not only about water conservation, it also involves the enhancemenet of job efficiency and the reduction of other resource wastage, reducing unnecessary disposals. Although the EM300-CL is mainly designed for hand wash level monitoring, but it is way beyond that. It is another piece to be added into your smart restroom solution, further enhancing your smart building. It takes into account every important aspects, improving images and reputations, user experiences, workforce allocation, lives, including the environment. It is a small device for a bigger change.


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