How 4G Solar-powered Traffic Camera Makes Tomorrow Safer

In today's fast-paced world, safety is a paramount concern for individuals, communities, and society as a whole, so it’s essential to have an effective way to ensure a safe environment. Tracking down the right lead is crucial to the investigation. But to do that, you need access to the right evidence. 

Since bad actors need a way to go to and from places where they conduct criminal activity, the vehicles are an essential part for the crime. Vehicles are used in 70% of crimes, and a single stolen vehicle can provide the means for ongoing criminal activities. That’s where Milesight 4G Solar-powered Traffic Sensing Camera comes into play, which can assist law enforcement with real-time vehicle-based snapshots, taking a proactive approach to safety and making tomorrow safer than today.

Why Choose: A Truly Wire-free Solar-powered Camera with Real-time Evidence Capture

  • Radar & AI Detector,Track Vehicles in Real-time

Equipped with cutting-edge radar triggered and AI technologies, the camera can trigger high-precision snapshot, making vehicle capture clearer and more accurate to see details. It provides an efficient way of objective evidence capture for community safety or police use.

  • Solar-powered & Low Consumption, Collect Evidence 24/7

Crime doesn't take the night off, neither should your surveillance camera system. The solar-powered outdoor security camera can cycle charging to achieve continuous use with a large capacity battery which can last several days even in rainy days, providing 24/7 protecting.

  • Wire-free Deployment, Wireless Data Transfer

Thanks to 4G LTE and solar-powered ability, the camera can be deployed with ease and transmit snapshots quickly without wiring hassles even in isolated and distant areas, greatly achieving both flexibility and stability.

  • MQTT & HTTPfor Flexible Third-party Platform Compatibility

The camera can be connected to any third-party platform with MQTT & HTTP protocol to form various application solutions and achieve diverse deep-learning functions like license plate smart search and instant notifications on multiple devices, etc.

How it Works: Multiple Applications Cater for Various Needs

Roughly 70% of all crime is committed with a vehicle. So whether it’s vandalism, theft, kidnapping, or other suspicious activities, Milesight 4G Solar-powered Traffic Sensing Camera quickly and objectively captures the suspect’s vehicle to provide evidence.

  • Safer Neighborhoods - day and night, rain or shine

With IP66 and solar-powered, the camera capture the objective evidence needed 24/7 even in rainy days, which helps HOAs, Neighborhood Associations, and law enforcement work together to reduce crime rates, improve neighborhood security, and protect home values.

  • Tackle Illegal Dumping, Improve Environment Protection

In some areas, local municipalities have strict requirements for waste disposal, especially construction materials, chemicals, sewage, etc., and additional fees are required to dispose of them at prescribed waste disposal centers. To avoid the extra cost of garbage disposal, some people transport the garbage to the wild and discard it directly. Due to the characteristics of easy deployment, the camera can capture the entry and exit of vehicles at major intersections or specific landfill points to prevent illegal dumping.

  • Find Suspicious Vehicles, Reduce Crime Rate

In areas with a high crime rate, the camera can be deployed for law enforcement. Generally, the main road has a large traffic flow and perfect monitoring measures, so for the stolen cars or vehicles that commit other crimes, criminals will choose remote paths to escape. With wireless deployment and data transfer, the camera is ideal to tackle this. When a stolen or suspicious vehicle is detected, the real scene and location information can be quickly obtained based on the captured pictures and GPS.

  • Specific Lane & Parking Violation Capture

It can be used for the specific lane detection like non-motorized lane or bus lane detection by customizing the detection area, helping capture the illegal bus lane occupation or disallowed vehicles evidence. Besides, for some no-parking areas, such as the loading zone, it can provide evidence capture to prevent illegal occupation and vehicle parking overstay. In this way, it is beneficial to road traffic management.

  • Traffic Flow Collection for Further Insights

In addition to the applications discussed above, the camera can also serve as valuable tools for collecting traffic flow data. With the advent of wireless technology, these cameras can be easily deployed on roads needed to monitor the flow of vehicles and gather continuous traffic information, enabling effective traffic monitoring and management. For example, by analyzing the increase in traffic flow in a certain period of time, relevant departments can predict in advance and formulate diversion strategies.

Empowered by various powerful technologies, Milesight 4G Solar-powered Traffic Sensing Camera can be used to multiple applications and compatible with any third-party platform, providing more possibilities and flexible solutions. Are you still missing out on critical vehicle-based evidence? Click below to get it started right away!

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