Get Real-Time Alerts and Effective Monitoring of Base Transceiver Station Facilities

Sometimes, a base transceiver station has to be built on the top place of a mountain to provide cellular and Internet connection in that area. Because of the nature of the geographical position and the remote location of the electric power supply, laying power lines from the regular electricity source would have been difficult and ineffective. Moreover, the mountain landscape adds to the difficulty of the construction works. Besides, BTS is composed of critical assets, you will in a much better position to deal with it when an incident occurs. Therefore, make use of wireless door-window status detection sensors with built-in battery can considerably realize the effective monitoring of assets and get real-time alerts at the remote sites.


Generally, BTS monitoring needs reliable monitoring of background technology of cooling, heating, and door-window status. This solution describes the benefits of the LoRaWAN® technology-based solution for this remote monitoring and alerting.


  • Short-range: traditional security alarm system is depending on how far the cable can run
  • Power sourcing: it's not easy to lay the power cables for multiple sensors if they support the DC power input only
  • No integration: It is difficult to integrate different types of monitoring systems into one platform, such as separate systems for temperature and humidity monitoring, for water leak monitoring, for doors/windows monitoring
Featured Product

The Milesight EM300-MCS is a built-in battery designed simple magnetic switch sensor, which is used to detect the on-off state of doors and windows. It comes in a pair, the magnet, and a magnetically sensitive switch. The sensor detects the current status and sends an alarm when the status changed. Usually, you can find three types in a magnetic switch sensor-normally open (close on alarm) or normally closed (open on alarm). Milesight EM300-MCS supports both types through different magnet components. When we move the magnet away from the switch or move the magnet closer to the switch, it triggers the alarm.

    • EM300-MCS Magnetic Switch Contact LoRaWAN® Sensor

This sensor can monitor the status of any doors and windows 7/24 hours. It does work with the Milesight IoT Cloud platform—a smart LoRaWAN® based application server. When it is triggered, such as open, close, or tampered with door and window, a push notification will be reported to Cloud App on your smartphone or by email.



The EM300-MCS sensor comprises two parts when the magnet is less than 30mm away, the switch closes. They're often used to monitor and report the opening and closure of doors and windows, that is why they have mounting tabs and screws. You can also pick up some double-sided foam tape to mount the sensor without any screws.

Our sensor technology is LoRaWAN® based, so the transmission signal is sent via the LoRaWAN® protocol, the data from our sensors can be transmitted to gateway wirelessly, and the smart gateway sends data via 4G cellular or Wi-Fi or via a wired Ethernet cable and makes it available in your centralized monitoring system or on the Milesight Cloud, and then can be used to trigger an alarm when the sensors break contact of door-window.

You can easily integrate all the LoRaWAN® based temperature and humidity sensor, water-leak sensor as well as the door/window contact sensor into one system in the BTS facilities via the LoRa technology. 


Fields of applications

  • Remote BTS house: critical assets
  • Remote warehouses
  • Building for security upgrading
Benefits Fast Response

Works with Milesight Cloud can help you to get alarms anywhere and anytime even when you are on vacation or the go.

The Loyal Doorman

The wireless and portable design allows you to install it in any section of the public or private areas. You will never have to worry about the status of your door-window status.

Easy to Use

It is smart and small, can be attached to any windows, doors, and gates. The built-in battery design can save your troubles of DC power source.

Reporting Interval

Reports instant open/close changes otherwise update every 30 minutes by default or according to your own settings.

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