Cameras` Firmware Change Log of Version XX.6.0.47

Xiamen, China (May 25th, 2016)-Milesight, the leader in IP-based video surveillance solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version XX.6.0.47 of the network cameras. This updated release includes the optimizations, bug fixes and new features described as below.


1) Divide display page into display page and enhancement page; UPnP and Allow anonymous viewing remove save button, modifying will be saved automatically.
2) Add judgment on firefox about whether the plug-in installed.
3) Double right click to show the stream information in MAC.

Bug Fixes:

1) SDK is upgraded to version 5.0, fix the problem about stability.
2) Image effect is upgraded to SDK 5.0.
3) More obvious effect of noise reduction bar.
4) Fix the problem that Better Performance configuration is invalid when the codec is H.265.
5) Fix the problem that the cgi can't add users and can't configure the region of motion detection.
6) Fix the problem that ONVIF information obtained incorrectly after resetting.
7) Fix the compatible problem about zoom and focus with exacq, nuuo and digifort.
8) Fix the problem that the time of record file is not correct in DST time mode.
9) Iris can be adjusted manually with WDR on for H.265 series.
10) Optimize "Respiratory effect", to get better image for H.265 series.

New Features:
1) Chrome with a version more than 45 can configure the video related configuration when choosing MJPEG in the webpage.
2) Uboot and amboot are added reset function, support reset button.
3) Change webpage to digest authentication, better security.
4) French, Czech and Bulgarian are added to the webpage.
5) Add a new time zone Myanmar 6.5.
6) Add high framerate to MS-C2962-RF(I)PB, up to 60 fps; the maximum I-frame Interval is changed to 120.
7) Add HLC function to H.265 series, adjust the brightness to a normal range when the light is strong.
8) White Balance parameters can be configured manually for H.265 series.
9) Add AAC encoding, audio denoising and AGC function to H.265 series.
10) IP configuration page can test conflicting IP.
11) H.265 series is added a target detection algorithm-region detection, which is a more exact motion detection.
12) Logs page support log exporting and configure the period of log saving.
13) Add digital anti-fog mode to H.265 series, better image effect in foggy weather.
14) Add digital image stabilisation to H.265 series, better image effect when image shaking.

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