Customers Swarmed into Milesight Booth At IPAS 2016

Xiamen, China (October 24th 2016)-Milesight, the leader in IP-based megapixel video surveillance solutions, boasted to have a great success in the large-scale local exhibition IPAS 2016 expo with the help of Kankash Co., Milesight`s partner in Iran.

Supported by Iran Police office and other government departments since 2002, IPAS 2016 expo is the 15th expo known as the biggest safety and security Exhibition in Iran, bringing together a large number of companies and stakeholders of the industry. IPAS displays most cutting-edge security technologies, products, solutions and services.

Milesight's products showed in IPAS 2016 draw great attentions of customers around 800 to 900. So what were these products and where did the attractions lie in? The mysterious veil will be disclosed through follow introductions.

To show a top-notch and professional surveillance solution to Iran and worldwide customers, Milesight brought its whole H.265 network camera series , 4K NVRs and the new product 4K mini PoE NVR in IPAS 2016 expo.

H.265 series network cameras support the latest H.265 compression which acclaimed to have 50% reduction in bandwidth, storage and bit rate compared to H.264. And it's Super WDR technology can record greater scene details with true color reproduction even under the extreme back light and high contrast conditions. The Starlight Premium H.265 network cameras provide extreme distinct views at night with ultra low light technology. And what aroused Iran customers most interest is the HLC function, which can identify the high light spot and adjust the expose time to compensate for the area around strong light spots to present a distinct image. That is much helpful combined with the local license plate recognition software. Especially at night, it is hard for the license plate recognition software to recognize licenses plate under the extreme headlights and taillights, while Milesight HLC function will help much to compensate the high light to provide clear images for the software to work. Apart from those, many visitor was attracted by the experiment of Milesight network camera test in high and low temperature box. Put in a high temperature box up to 60℃ Milesight network cameras still functions very well with effective thermal design, presenting good image qualities. Moreover, in low temperature box low to -30℃ Milesight network cameras also didn't show any problems and still provided real-time video to the customers. Milesight network cameras are thermally stable and cold stable, isolated from external environments that carry dust, salts, moisture, and insects and can be used in extreme conditions.

Milesight 4K H.265 NVR series offer a robust system for diverse applications and empower users to set up and manage advanced IP surveillance systems with ease. The powerful 4K NVRs were highly commended by our customers for their extra image quality. As well, considerable visitors flocked into Milesight booth to see 64 channel network cameras's connection in Milesight NVR, previewing synchronous with unthinkable fluent images and clearance. The visitors were shocked by this and couldn't stop praising Milesight NVRs for the vigoroso functions. The new arrival 4K mini PoE NVR also played an active role in ISAF 2016 expo. With small and unique design, the 4K mini PoE NVR features 4 independent PoE ports to provide power to the camera while streaming video/audio/data over one single cable, which is much convenient and cost-effective. The special design of the ventilation holes on rear and bottom panels helps the intelligent fan inside PoE NVR drives airflow, offering excellent performance of cooling.

Milesight is so grateful to have so many visitors at booth No. B102, B97, B98, B86 in IPAS 2016 expo with the help of Kankash Co.. Being a professional and enthusiastic team, Milesight will never stop its path to bring more user-friendly, more cost-effective and better function products.

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