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Cameras' Firmware Change log of Version xx.5.0.86

Published Time : [2014/9/22] Read : [1816]

Xiamen, China (September 16th, 2014)-Milesight, the leader in IP-based megapixel camera solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version xx.5.0.86 of the network cameras. This updated release includes the improvements and  optimizations described as below.


1. Support IPv6;
2. Support scheduled snapshot;
3. Support Automatic Gain Control settings;
4. Support ROI for secondary stream,designed to bandwidth and storage optimization;

Bug Fixed:

1.Optimised all 365/368 models share with one same firmware;
2.Optimised display full product model name, eg for -P,-V;
3.Fixed the live video would get stuck under 1080P resolution;
4.Optimised connection priority between Wi-fi and cable(Both available, Cable connection first under same network segment);
5.Fixed the issue that the home page could not be updated timely after changing the language;
6.Optimised the display for Web icon and PTZ interface in the live video page;
7.Fixed the issue that MS-C32XX couldn't show with right image;
8.Optimised motion detection sensitivity level into 1-10;
9.Fixed the issue that FTP can't work well under PASV mode and repaired the process would get stuck,support connect from remote;
10.Keep the old config for Wi-fi settings after upgrading;
11.Optimised the issue that will get unexcepted error when import and export configuration files;
12.Support to input the character - and _ for smtp-server;
13.Fixed the issue that pictures under tmp can't be deleted once the SD card is full;
14.Fixed the issue that Ad-hoc couldn't connect after empting the configuration files or switching SSID under Ad-hoc mode;
15.Fixed the issue that configuration could't be saved when pressing the WPS button and failed to connect in the next start time under Ad-hoc mode;
16.Optimised the Wi-fi search problem under Ad-hoc mode or AP mode.


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